Diva #92 – Stripes


The Diva’s Challenge this week was String Theory vs. Stripes. I chose to interpret this a little different that everyone else. Not so unusual for me to be different – sorry, Laura! When I read the challenge all I wanted to do was play with the tangle called Striping. It’s Β been one of my favorites for the past week or so. I hope you all don’t mind me changing it up a bit. You can check out all the stripe/strings here. You could even post one of your own :).

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22 thoughts on “Diva #92 – Stripes

    • thanks, helen, i used a soft brush in photoshop – at about 50%. i meant to do it with a white chalk pencil on the tile, but forgot.

  1. What a super example of a monotangle – I've had Strircles on the brain too!! Looks like I'm going to be a CZT next year – investigating flights etc……. R determined for me to go – be great to meet up. R insistent we get me an iPhone so he knows where I am. He's amazing.Paula (PEP)

    • do they have dates set for next year yet? that would be great if we could get together! you will be a wonderful CZT! and the training is worth it even if you don't teach. i don't really want to teach even though i have done a couple classes. i mainly just wanted to learn. sounds like you have a good hubby – you need to keep him around πŸ™‚

  2. Having done an unconventional one myself, think that yours fits great. Is a great job on the shading and the highlighting. Also a really good example of how a monotangle can be so fun and beautiful.

    • thanks so much! i am going to go look at yours – you have me curious now. and i like doing monotangles. challenging sometimes, but worth the effort.

  3. I love using striping as well. Although I didn't use it for my challenge this week. But I love seeing how everyone interprets the challenges differently.

  4. Its great how you interpreted the challenge. It is what i like the most of the challenges, that everyone make such a different things. Its great inspirstion, to do other things that someone would normaly do. I love your shading and highlighting even if it is done in PS. So great striping stripe challenge.

  5. Leave it to you to go off on your own with something–haha! I love striping and this is a great piece–love how your highlights just pop!

    • hahaha! so true, dawn! i don't like to be predictable πŸ™‚ i had been wanting to try this, and was happy to read the challenge – i knew it was finally time to work on it πŸ™‚

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