Painting to the Sound of Rain


Yesterday was a pretty scary day here in Maryland. Plenty of rain and wind and snow and did i mention rain? Courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, now known as Superstorm Sandy – the worst storm in the history of the United States. Kali and I rode out the storm in Maryland as we waited to hear… Continue Reading

Oh my gosh, the trees are bending!


Day 2, Hurricane Sandy – here is the view from my third floor hotel room. Blowing wind, stinging rain mixed with snow, this storm is 900 miles wide. It is still 195 miles from making landfall. Set to be the worst storm in the history of the United States. It is predicted as many as… Continue Reading

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy


Kali and I are in Maryland waiting for hurricane Sandy to hit. We expect much rain and wind and some flooding, no power, you know – all the nastiness that comes with hurricanes. We have an appointment at the culinary school on Tuesday for Kali to take an entrance exam. I don’t really think at… Continue Reading

Beads of Courage


I am running a little behind with this particular challenge, but it’s important enough that I want to post it anyway! Laura was celebrating Artoo’s second birthday – yay!!!! Happy Birthday, Artoo!!! Laura introduced us to a wonderful program called Beads of Courage. This is a charity that helps children with chronic illnesses tell their… Continue Reading

Diva #92 – Stripes


The Diva’s Challenge this week was String Theory vs. Stripes. I chose to interpret this a little different that everyone else. Not so unusual for me to be different – sorry, Laura! When I read the challenge all I wanted to do was play with the tangle called Striping. It’s  been one of my favorites… Continue Reading

String 023

This week’s string challenge at Tangle Patterns comes from Barbara Finwall. Here is my response. This is what we were given: This one was a lot of fun and gave the possibility of many tangles. If you would like to participate, you can pick up the template here.

Free To Float and Fly


Eight balloons no one was buyin’ All broke loose one afternoon. Eight balloons with strings a-flyin’, Free to do what they wanted to. One flew up to touch the sun – POP! One thought highways might be fun – POP! One took a nap in  a cactus pile – POP! One stayed to play with… Continue Reading

Black Water

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Really just playing around with some of my favorite tangles. There are two of them that I don’t even know the names of, but I use them often. So, I should probably figure that out! And once again, I realized that I forgot to shade. Shading really does make an incredible difference, adding depth and… Continue Reading

Watercolored Sunflowers


For several months now I have been following the artwork of Dion Dior. If you don’t know who she is you are missing out on some amazing artwork! Seriously, you should stop right now and go look at her blog. She gets the most vibrant, brilliant colors and you know I am all about the… Continue Reading

In My Mail Today – Thanks, Genevieve!


I got a package from the postman today that just really made my day! I got a shipment from Blitsy, too, but that didn’t make my day. This box from Genevieve Crabe made my day! Totally! A portable, travel-sized tangle keeper! Genevieve calls it a pocket tangler, a convenient 4.25 x 6.87 inches, and 50… Continue Reading