Zendala Dare #24


It is hard to believe it’s been 24 weeks since Erin started the Zendala Dare. I participated in her first dare. It was my 3rd post on this new blog. Since then I have gotten fully immersed in this art style called zentangle, to the point that last month I trained and became a certified zentangle teacher. For jollies, here is the zendala I drew for that first challenge.

I have learned a lot since then, but I still kind of like this zendala. Haha! Wow! I’ve learned a lot about editing since then, too.

Back to week #24, this is the template Erin gave us to work with. I didn’t really know what I would do with it, nothing was coming to mind. So, I just picked up a pen and started with that center square. Then I moved on to the main square and dreamed up some borders.  I enjoyed trying out Helen’s petal ribbon (a take-off of finery,) which you can see on her blog A Little Lime here. A really pretty and fun variation! From there, this tile just kind of took on a life of its own. Throw in some Pitt artist pens and Derwent Inktense Pencils, flick a little color around, and call it done.

Several people have asked how I take photos of my tiles for posting. My main problem is always finding even light. Look for a spot where you have the same amount of light across your tile – and background, if you use one. Be careful around windows because you will get some sunlight, some shadows, making your photo uneven. 

Every photo on my blog has been taken with my iphone 4S, even though I have an excellent canon, the iphone just takes good pictures. I get as close as I need to so that the tile and a minimal amount of the background fill up the screen on my phone. I lean against my chair, lock my arms to my side, hold my breath, watch for the square on the phone that tells me the shot is in focus, and gently push the button. No snapping, no jerking, no punch the button to get it over. Gently, so your photo is sharp. Then I just email the photo to myself for editing. And that will be the subject of a different post.

Head on over to Erin’s page The Bright Owl and check out all the incredible zendalas! You should really draw one of your own and post it for us to enjoy :).

13 thoughts on “Zendala Dare #24

  1. it's beautiful Alice. I really loved seeing your first challenge tile and how you used the pattern 🙂 Congratulations on your CZT training – I would love to do it to gain further insight, but, too far for me to go, unfortunately. I used to photograph my drawings, but find my scanner much more reliable with consistent lighting, esp. as I often finish the drawings at night and can't wait till the next day to post 🙂

    • true, i've tried the scanner, cause it's usually late night here, too, but i can't seem to get the quality i want. maybe i need a new scanner. except this one is relatively new. what kind of scanner do you use?

  2. You sure made a lot progression in your ZS's but also the first one is great. I love al the roundings. The ZD 24 of cours is beautiful, I always love the way you use the colors. And thanks about how you take the pictures for the post. I will give that a try. Now I always use the scanner but I always think they are a little bit grey. So fot the next dar or challenge I'll try taking a picture with my Iphone.

    • yes, my brain tells me the scanner should work better, but it just never looks right. usually it looks distorted. give your iphone a try and see what you think. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I think something went wrong by my pc, I wrote a comment, but it didn't post at all. So I give it another try. You sure made a lot progression in your ZDs. They both look great. i love the roundings in the first one, and I always love the way you color your work. Thanx for sharing how you take the pictures. I will give it a try the next time.

  4. Very nice zendala you made, Alice! Like Helen I prefer the scanner. The one I use is a Canon Oixms MG5250 and I think the results are wuite good.I scrolled down a bit and saw your toproll desk. What a lovely one; it's almost the same as my husband's. He got it from his parents many years ago, moved it with him four times from The Netherlands to UK and back. Since seven years is is here in The Netherlands to stay.

    • thanks, anne, i will have to check out that scanner.i have an HP photosmart plus. i thought it would be fine, but the pictures usually look a bit distorted. i love my rolltop 🙂 yours has a wonderful history – and it's seen part of the world 🙂

  5. Beautiful work, Alice! My scanner is an Epson photo scanner. I love using it. A lot depends on the dpi you use, or so my brother the computer guru tells me. He scans all of mine.

  6. I love the X you've put through the tile – gives a whole new feel to the template. Beautiful colors, and a great choice and variety of tangles. Congrats. on becoming a CZT (I'd like to go for training next spring, maybe). Thanks for posting your first Zendala – it's fun to see and hear about your trip with Zentangle.

    • i hope you do go to the training. it was wonderful! there's just so much to absorb. go, have fun, listen, take notes, network, and eat some really awesome food 🙂

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