String 018 Challenge


This week’s string came from Sandy Hunter, an amazing CZT. I liked this string as soon as I saw it. Lots of possibilities and flowy lines here. (My spellchecker doesn’t like that word ‘flowy’ :).

The lines just reminded me of gardens and fairies – so adding Tinkerbell was a must! I turned the flowy lines into vines and flowers, it just needed a little pixie dust to make it perfect.

Tink, pixie dust, a little glittery tile magic and it’s all ready to hang in my little fairy garden. String 018 – brought to you by the magic of pixie dust. (And by Tangle Patterns.)

The Creator's Leaf

5 thoughts on “String 018 Challenge

  1. oh, I just love how you transformed string 018. I really enjoyed this string also, but I really like how you used the lines to direct the flow of your tangles but didn't remain confined by them.

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