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This week in the Artist’s Play Room, our challenge was to try out something we had been wanting to do! Recently on the CZT facebook page, I watched a youtube video about using kosher salt on a watercolor wash as a different technique. I watched several videos on this technique and everyone said you really needed to use kosher salt, that it just worked better. So, off to Wal-Mart I went. This afternoon I took a 5″x7″ piece of watercolor paper, covered it in a generous layer of water, and started moving some color around. For this project I used a basic kids watercolor set from Michael’s to push some color. I let it blend and run and start to set up, then sprinkled some kosher salt in a couple areas. I didn’t cover the whole piece so that I could see the effects of the salt.

Not sure why, but as it dried the colors softened up. The picture above was taken after the piece had dried and I had brushed off the excess salt. I like the edges of color lines – I’m guessing they were caused by a reaction with the salt.

And because I’m such a messy painter, I had paint on the backside as well. Which works out fine because I can use this as a two-sided page in an art journal.

Here is the youtube video I watched to learn this technique. I did not paint my page in the bathroom, however.

I learned this technique on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to learn a hobby! That’s where I learned about art journaling, and where I first heard of ‘zentangle.’ This blog began as a result of what I learned on pinterest. Anyway, here I took three different colored sharpies and scribbled them on the back of a styrofoam plate. I was supposed to use something hard plastic – non-porous. This worked alright, but something hard plastic would have worked better.

Next, I sprayed the color with a little rubbing alcohol which caused the color to bleed and blend a bit. Then I turned a zentangle tile over and laid it in the wet color, which allowed the tile to soak in the color.

I was able to color two tile with that little bit of sharpie. If you don’t want to use sharpies, you can also use copics or alcohol inks. I expect they would probably work better – I just couldn’t remember where I stashed my alcohol inks the last time I got “organized.”

I tried at least three more watercolor/paint/ink techniques which I would like to share with you, but it is 1:00 AM now and I should really go to sleep. I need to get up early tomorrow to go have my hair re-pinked! Yay!!!!

Head on over to Jenn’s page – Just Add Water Silly – which is where the Artist’s Play Room is hosted. Check out all the blog posts and maybe even share one of your own!

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15 thoughts on “Salt and Watercolor Wash

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these techniques!Okay I need to know how to use Pinterest. I post my artwork there, but how do you find information on how to do things like this? I have clicked on photos, but usually that is all it is, know info about it other than the artist's name or size, media. Where is the stuff to learn from?

  2. Brilliant with these techniques – I often sigh when somebody mentions they saw something on Facebook – I was stalked by somebody I prefer to leave in the past so don't even have an account any longer (useful when I get emails telling me I've won a huge amount of money on my account so click link etc……..) Enjoy re-pinking & do I know the not finding after tidying!Paula (PEP)

    • haha! yes, those large sums of money – i just had one of those a few minutes ago that i deleted. too bad, i could really use a large sum of money 🙂

  3. This looks like you had fun and learned in the process. A great double-deal in my book!!I have done something similar with salt and was delighted with the results. I don't often play with paint, but this week I have been painting a LOT and I think I might enJOY a little watercolouring with salt escapade!!

  4. I'm absolutely inspired by both the techniques you used. I really want to try the sharpie/alcohol one, I think it would look great over top of an abstract watercolor painting. must try. thanks for the inspiration. The salt paintings are exquisite.

  5. What fun! I love playing with watercolors! Did you do the saran wrap or plastic wrap technique? I love that one, too. 🙂

  6. So many techniques and so little time! (sigh)What fun you've been having Alice.The salt technique is one I'm familiar with as I use it when silk painting. I love to see how the paint reacts with the salt. ;DBeautiful colours too. Stunning!

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