Pinwheels For Peace, 2012

This week’s Diva Challenge #87 is inspired by the Pinwheels for Peace project.
The original purpose of the pinwheels for peace project was to enable kids to speak out about the world around them. The project has grown from 500,00 pinwheels the first year to over 3.5 million last year. Above is my pinwheel for the peace project. You can see a whole lot more at the Diva’s page here.

The Creator's Leaf

21 thoughts on “Pinwheels For Peace, 2012

  1. Alice, this is fantastic! I love the depth. It really looks like a folded paper. I also have to learn some tips from you on how to scan my images so they look better online. This is very sharp!

  2. I think this is a lovely piece of art, it's simple and charming – just like a pinwheel. Really delightful.

    • thank you, susan, that's one thing i've been trying to watch in my tiles. i guess i'm learning one thing at a time 🙂

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