Paradox Re-Defined


What you see above is an unfinished tile. At this point you have one half of Rick’s Paradox. I have tried this pattern on several occasions. When I drew on a small scale, I could get the pattern to work ‘somewhat.’ Not good results, just barely passable. When I traveled to Rhode Island last month… Continue Reading

Half a Paradox


I really like the way this looks. Just like it is now. But. It isn’t finished. It isn’t shaded. The other four sections aren’t filled in. But. I really like the way this looks. Just like it is now. So, for today – this is what you get. Tomorrow? Hopefully a completed version. That would… Continue Reading

Floating on the Bottom


How’s that for a depressing post title? Hahahahaha! Seriously, I wish I was a scuba diver! We used to spend a couple weeks each summer in the Florida Keys. The boys would snorkle and look for lobster. Kali and I would swim in the pool and shop :). A couple years Mark had an underwater… Continue Reading

Break Free! Diva #86


This week’s Diva Challenge (#86! unbelieveable!) is Break Free! Break out of our borders, expand our boundaries, so to speak. Here’s my tile. Now, most of the CZT’s strictly adhere to the black pen on white tile concept. Not me. Typically I add color, which specifically makes my art become zentangle-inspired-art, but whatever. It’s what… Continue Reading

Did Someone Ask For Circles?


I mentioned yesterday how far behind I am on challenges. I’ve had this one sitting in my smash journal waiting to lay down some color. And now I remember that someone challenged us to circles, but for the life of me I cannot remember who – and I cannot find the challenge in my daily… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #22


I am five weeks behind on the Zendala Dare. Life just got away with me, now I’m trying to play catch-up! So far behind that I forgot that the Zendala Dare this week was to take the mandala pattern above and turn it in to a Monodala – one pattern with variations. I totally forgot… Continue Reading

String 017 Challenge


I think I am finally caught up (yay!!!) with the string challenges at TanglePatterns. It’s week number 17 and the string was provided by Joyce Bruns. After being so far behind on everything – I am determined to get caught up – at least on a couple challenges. I tried something different in that bottom… Continue Reading

Lovin’ Me Some Watercolors!


Trying something different this week. Haven’t played with my watercolors in awhile, so I figured it was time to make a new project. And I’m listening to Mandisa sing while I type, so if I ramble off into random lyrics please forgive me :). I began with a 5″ x 7″ piece of Strathmore Bristol… Continue Reading

To Shade or Not to Shade


Tangle Patterns has given us another string to work with. This week’s string comes from Jill Dobis. Last week’s string and this week’s are different in that they have several round shapes and aren’t just a swooping string slashed across the tile a couple times. This one makes you think. I thought I’d talk about… Continue Reading

Indy Rella – Not to be Confused with Cinderella

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Indy rella – a new pattern to me. We learned it at our CZT training – Molly Hollibaugh taught it to us. I don’t quite recall the explanation behind the name, but it seems like it had something to do with her daughter wanting to be a princess :). Fun to draw – nothing to… Continue Reading