One Last Project


I had one last project for this week. Twinkling H2O’s. I got a bunch of new colors for my birthday and was just itching to try them out!┬áI started by spritzing some water into the tubs to get the colors primed and ready. I used an 8″ x 10″ piece of watercolor paper and wet… Continue Reading

Using New Product


This week I’ve been in a painting mood, playing with paint – not painting a portrait or a landscape. Just seeing what different products do when you mix them. Above you see my finished tile. I began with a zentangle┬« zendala tile and spritzed two splashes of color onto the tile. I used Donna Salazar’s… Continue Reading

Salt and Watercolor Wash


This week in the Artist’s Play Room, our challenge was to try out something we had been wanting to do! Recently on the CZT facebook page, I watched a youtube video about using kosher salt on a watercolor wash as a different technique. I watched several videos on this technique and everyone said you really… Continue Reading

Divas and Strings


Week number 88 with the Diva’s Challenge – welcome to IX. My CZT class was the 9th one, roman numeral IX, hence the name IX. This pattern was introduced at our class and I have to say I don’t like this pattern one bit. I just don’t get it. I keep trying, but it is… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #24


It is hard to believe it’s been 24 weeks since Erin started the Zendala Dare. I participated in her first dare. It was my 3rd post on this new blog. Since then I have gotten fully immersed in this art style called zentangle, to the point that last month I trained and became a certified… Continue Reading

My Studio


I think it’s amazing! I’ve had several people (as in more than two or three) send me messages asking what my “studio” looks like. I looked around and asked, “Who? Me?” A studio? So I decided to put a few pictures together and show you where I work. I hesitate to call it a studio,… Continue Reading

Pinwheels For Peace, 2012


This week’s Diva Challenge #87 is inspired by the Pinwheels for Peace project. The original purpose of the pinwheels for peace project was to enable kids to speak out about the world around them. The project has grown from 500,00 pinwheels the first year to over 3.5 million last year. Above is my pinwheel for… Continue Reading

String 018 Challenge


This week’s string came from Sandy Hunter, an amazing CZT. I liked this string as soon as I saw it. Lots of possibilities and flowy lines here. (My spellchecker doesn’t like that word ‘flowy’ :). The lines just reminded me of gardens and fairies – so adding Tinkerbell was a must! I turned the flowy… Continue Reading

Blind String 02


A couple weeks ago, Laura offered a Diva Challenge of using a blind string. Just take a pencil and a tile, close your eyes, and draw a string. No conscious thought, just draw. Well, it was so much fun that I decided to try it again. Here’s my string above. And here is my completed… Continue Reading

I’ve Got Mail!!!


It’s raining outside but I braved the trek to the mailbox and was rewarded with this package! As soon as I saw the sender name I knew it was going to be a wonderful package! Do you see it right there? Above the hand-written ‘thank you!’ Mandala Stencils – yay!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a package of… Continue Reading