Using a Blind-Sighted String


This week’s Diva Challenge is to use what Laura calls a “blind-sighted” string. Just close your eyes and draw a string. Give up your control and just draw blind-sighted. The above shot is a somewhat blurry (but the only one I have) picture of my string drawn with my eyes closed. Hmmm. What to do with it, what to draw?

That was so much fun! I must do another! I started with ixorus and that just laid out a plan for me. It’s really a challenge to decide what tangles to use where. A challenge to make them flow together. Many times when we draw a string we already have an end in mind. It’s hard to mindlessly draw a string with our eyes open. So. Close your eyes and give it a try. And when you are done, visit over here and link it up to the Diva’s Challenge. You’ll get some wonderful feedback! And while you’re there, check out some the blind-sighted string drawings and leave some love :).

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24 thoughts on “Using a Blind-Sighted String

  1. This is such a revealing exercise – I'm just about to set to work with mine – Mooka starting it off……. shall see what evolves. I like your seashells & those bunches of grapes (they probably have names!!).Paula (PEP)

    • paula – i think the whole thing looks like a big conch shell πŸ™‚ the grape thingies are called bronx cheer. not sure about the other πŸ™‚ i'll be watching to see what you draw up! i think my afternoon will involve some intense pencils and paints πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Alice, even your string is interesting! You're right a big conch shell. I like the big swirls out the top left.

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