Tangling a Frame


One of the useful things Maria taught us was this little photo frame. You could make it any size you wish, we worked on the 3 1/2″ square tiles.

The premise was simple – tangle the border, shade the inner and outer edges, then cut and paste your photo into the center.

They did the same kind of thing when we arrived for the workshop. This awesome, tangled photo frame was in the lobby. What a great photo opportunity!

During my stay at the Hotel Providence, I made friends with the sweet lady who kept my room cleaned up and fresh. The last night, I drew this photo frame on one of the new 4 1/2″ tiles and left it behind in the room the next morning, along with a note for the cleaning lady. I hope she enjoyed her frame! 

The very first morning, I left a piece of artwork I was still working on out on the desktop. When I went back to the room that afternoon I noticed that it had been moved, as if someone had picked it up to look at it, then placed it back in almost the exact spot. Each morning I left a different piece of art – whether completed or in progress – on the desktop. And each afternoon the tiles seemed to be moved, if only at a different angle. So I knew someone was enjoying my drawing – or either laughing at it, I’m hoping for the ‘enjoyment’ being in a positive light. That is what made me think to leave a photo frame tile for the housekeeper. Hopefully a nice surprise for her – and the note I left for her telling her to take it and keep it.

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5 thoughts on “Tangling a Frame

  1. I love your frames. They are beautiful. I think it's really sweet that you left one for the housekeeper. I'm sure she was very touched by that. Very sweet, indeed. It probably made her day. =)

    • thank you very much! so easy to do and they turn out so nice. i hope it made her day – she was so sweet!

  2. That's such a thoughtful thing to do – isn't it lovely to be able to give something back through creating something? Great looking frame – I'm so thrilled to see your CZT logo on your blog! Massive Congratulations.Paula (PEP)

  3. hey buddy…googling zenspirations frames and you popped up again on page one…..your famous….can i tell people i know you LOL LOLblessings,Cynthia♥

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