Sunz – A New Pattern


Here is my pattern Sunz, a very basic flower design that begins with drawing a half circle on a base line and filling it with tipple. From there you draw rays for three full petals, and 2 partials along the baseline. Draw the petals, then put several in the background. You can make the rays the same length as your petals, or you can make them extend out past that. Here are some examples of Sunz in action:

In this drawing, I extended the rays out past the tips of the petals. I like the way this looks.

In this tile I added an aura around the outer petals – giving sunz

a different look.

This tile was a lot of fun! I kept the points of the petals – the rays – shorter here. I didn’t want the rays to be competing with the pattern groovy – which you see in blue.

This is one of my favorite drawings so far. Here I extended the rays a small bit and added a white aura around the petals, then filled the outer sections with blue – giving sunz yet another look.

And in this tile you see a little more than half of the flower, and a lot more petals. Sunz worked perfectly on this surfboard.

There you go. Five different, but very similar, looks for sunz. I hope you will take this pattern and use it to draw something beautiful! And please feel free to pin Sunz to one of your boards!

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12 thoughts on “Sunz – A New Pattern

  1. I love flowers & this is a really useful way of drawing a realistic looking one. Love your variations & the ways you show it in use. Paula (PEP)

  2. Lovely sunz, I surely will use them in one of my zentangles. I love flowery and organic elements. Great fun drawing them.

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