This was me. A little over a week ago. I was waiting for CZT training to start. I couldn’t wait! I got to Rhode Island a day early so that Kali and I could fly to Baltimore together. She got off there to spend a week in town, I changed planes and flew on to Providence. The hotel was in a sketchy looking part of town – at least at night – so I didn’t wander off to explore. Instead, I stayed in my wonderful room and practiced. I’m still new to zentangle, but I am loving it and enjoying learning something new every day! And here I am – a little over a week later – and I’m certified now to teach zentangle. I have my first series of classes already set up. I’ll be working with my favorite home schooled kids! Going to be so much fun!!!    

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6 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Thank you for hunting down my blog and for the nice comments on my hair. I've really enjoy it.Love your Zentangles. CZT training…I'm so jealous!

    • it's official – and i start my first series of classes soon – a home school group of students and probably a bunch of moms 🙂

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