Using a Blind-Sighted String


This week’s Diva Challenge is to use what Laura calls a “blind-sighted” string. Just close your eyes and draw a string. Give up your control and just draw blind-sighted. The above shot is a somewhat blurry (but the only one I have) picture of my string drawn with my eyes closed. Hmmm. What to do… Continue Reading

String Challenge 015


   The string challenge this week was fun! The past few weeks have been so busy with revamping my blog, getting ready for the CZT training, then going to the CZT training, then coming home and trying to get caught up at the house – that I am falling further and further behind on my… Continue Reading

Betweed the Jellies


What a fun drawing! I have admired this style of drawing when someone like Michele Beauchamp does it. So I was seriously happy when Maria and Rick showed us some flow-y lines like this at CZT class! I thought – hey, I might could do this! My main problem – most of the time – is… Continue Reading

Presentation – Does it Matter?


Anyone who knows me can you tell that I always go with the pink! Always. So, when I got ready to photograph my tile for today’s post, and I started pulling scraps out of my drawer to use for background – I wondered. Does it make a difference? Last week I was in Rhode Island and… Continue Reading

It’s a Celtic Challenge


Judy from Creative Doodling offered us a challenge – a celtic knot challenge! A freestyle celtic knot challenge. You can see the link to her instructions here. Step One was to draw your string – draw one at random, with no specific directions other than to have it connect together at the two ends of… Continue Reading



This was me. A little over a week ago. I was waiting for CZT training to start. I couldn’t wait! I got to Rhode Island a day early so that Kali and I could fly to Baltimore together. She got off there to spend a week in town, I changed planes and flew on to… Continue Reading

Duo Tangle – One = Uno Tangle


The Diva’s Challenge this week – #83 – was to make a duo-tangle using mooka and assunta. Last week I attended the CZT training and these two tangles are some of the many we worked on. As you can see from my CZT note-collecting book, I worked on me some mooka! I like this pattern… Continue Reading

Tangling a Frame


One of the useful things Maria taught us was this little photo frame. You could make it any size you wish, we worked on the 3 1/2″ square tiles. The premise was simple – tangle the border, shade the inner and outer edges, then cut and paste your photo into the center. They did the… Continue Reading

CZT Training Was Great!


My zentangle training has come and gone. The past few days whirled past in a blur and then, all too soon, the workshop was over. (I need to do a post about Rhode Island – apart from the CZT process. The area where we stayed was interesting in its own rights!) Rick and Maria started… Continue Reading

Sunz – A New Pattern


Here is my pattern Sunz, a very basic flower design that begins with drawing a half circle on a base line and filling it with tipple. From there you draw rays for three full petals, and 2 partials along the baseline. Draw the petals, then put several in the background. You can make the rays… Continue Reading