Splashin’ Some Color


I’ve been trying to revamp my blog the past couple days. It’s like expecting a car to be able to sing and dance. Or like thinking you can teach a cat to quote Shakespeare on a motorboat on the Nile. Not good. I got so frustrated, and wasted so many tiles, I decided to stop… Continue Reading

String Whimsy


TanglePattern.com has given us another string for the week. This one comes from Yamit Fridman from Israel. I really love how people all over the globe are embracing zentangle. I talk quite a bit with a couple ladies from Holland, and I visit quite a few blogs written in dutch, so I have added a… Continue Reading

Oodles of Flowers


It’s time for the Zendala Dare #16! Here was this week’s template: Each week, Erin gives us a blank mandala template for us to work the magic of zentangle on. We tangle any patterns we want to use, then we share them on her page The Bright Owl for all to see. I actually drew… Continue Reading

Mi2 – The Diva’s Challenge #80


I Am the Diva – I love this lady’s blog! She is a wife, and a mom of two very active little guys. She is a certified teacher for Zentangle, and she gives and gives from her heart to the Zentangle community. Laura, you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for all the work… Continue Reading

Catch Up Time, Zendala Dare #14


Not sure why, but my life has been a little hectic lately. Last week I was busy building a new facebook page The Creator’s Leaf and working on this blog – trying to make it more professional. Crazy times! Cause I sure don’t know what I’m doing. Anyway, I missed last week’s Zendala Dare :(. Above… Continue Reading

It’s All About the Swirls! IA Challenge


This is the first week I’ve participated in the challenge at Inspiration Avenue. This week’s theme is swirls, so I had fun tangling a bunch of swirly patterns – swirling! I drew this in my mini smash journal, then colored portions with my Pitt Artist Markers. Patterns include wavy border, portholes, swirls, printemps, river, and… Continue Reading

Ink, Pens, Paper – APR #19


Lots of fun things happening in the Artist’s Play Room this week where Jenn has challenged us to pick up the theme of ink, pens, and paper. I’ve thought and thought about what I could do. I could do some tangled tiles, but I do those every day. I was editing some wedding shots today… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #15 . . . Already?


It is so hard to believe that we are already at week fifteen of Erin’s Zendala Dare! I love doing this challenge every week. I was so busy last week – working on a new facebook page and working on my blog – I just never got around to last week’s zendala. I plan on… Continue Reading

Pink Cognito


I really like this new pattern ziggy by Judy West! It’s nervy and lots of fun to draw.  I just really felt like drawing circles – so here it is – Pink Cognito. Totally done with microns – no, I did not use my watercolor pencils – hahaha! So it is possible to go without… Continue Reading

Steampunk String 010


Yesterday, Tangle Patterns posted a string for the week. I posted a tile last night that I made following the string of Anne Marks. Today, I made another – of the steampunk variety this time :). You know how I like drawing steampunk! Patterns – jalousie, assemblies, and from my patterns – pipez, barz, and… Continue Reading