Tropical Storm Debby



This is a test. I am trying to figure out how to post photos from my iphone onto my blog. I think it’s going to work – yay!

So. We had a little storm blow through. Actually, Tropical Storm Debby came through and it sat on Florida for hour after hour after hour. It’s been raining for so long now. We headed out to check on our horses this morning. This is the main gate leading into the pasture. Mark is standing in water about 9-10 inches deep.

(Instagram picture – hence the frame. Sorry.) Then you move into the fields. What a mess!

Back by the barn is a section of ground that is dry. That’s where we moved the horses to. They are now in the back pasture with my donkeys.

Sadly, this is the road we had to drive down to get to our property. Not even kidding.

That’s Scott and a buddy riding a 4-wheeler through the water. There’s one place where they lost the 4-wheeler underwater.


Climbing out of the hole in the road. Seriously, it was waist deep there in the middle. What a mess! I’ve never seen this much water up around the houses and fields. And it’s still raining. It’s supposed to rain every day this week. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like come Saturday.

All these pix were taken with my phone. Hopefully the quality is acceptable. I didn’t want to risk my nice camera out around all the water. Now, back to the art process!

4 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Debby

  1. OMG! I hope you and your livestock survive this coming rainy week! You'll need a boat to get to them pretty soon! Please let us know that you're all okay. You're all in my prayers!

  2. Hi Would you tell us how you did it? I have i-everything and sometimes get frustrated because I can't post things. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing

    • haha! i'll try. i plugged my iphone into my mac computer. i used the charger cable, just removed the electric plug part at the end and plugged that end of the cable into a USB port on the mac computer. itunes will probably open automatically – just close it. then open iphoto on the computer. all your photos will open, on the left hand side you will see a list. click on the name of your iphone. mine is just called "alice's iphone." this will open up your iphone pictures, then highlight the pix you want to upload. you can highlight numerous ones by holding down the command button. then click on "import selected" and it will save the ones you picked out into iphoto on your computer :). easy peasy – hopefully. then when i wanted to put them on my blog, i just had to remember they were in iphoto and take them from there. let me know if you have a problem and i'll try to make this more clear :).and if someone else is using an android or a PC, before the macs i just emailed the photos to myself and opened them in my email on my computer, then saved them to a file on the desktop.

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