Monsters and Giraffes :)



If you read yesterday’s post you will recall that I was working on a project for Tangles and Stuff using blue painter’s tape, watercolor paints, and tangles. I wanted to do another because it was fun! I actually meant to do the tangles on the colored portions this time, but I got carried away with the shapes caused by the tape and forgot. 🙁 BUT – I like the way this turned out. I went totally out of my comfort zone by drawing animals and crazy stuff I’m not used to. What a hoot! I’ve got a bowl full of kitties, some singing birds, a snail, a tulip, a monster, some beans, a giraffe, a princess castle, a cat, and some crazy BTL Joos stuff!

We are still floating in water from Tropical Storm Debby. We need to get hay out to the horses and donkeys in the morning and I’m kind of concerned with how that’s going to work out. The water in the roadway yesterday was waist-deep in some areas and it has been raining ever since. Literally ever since. Joy! Can’t we please send some of this rain out to Colorado??? Please???

8 thoughts on “Monsters and Giraffes :)

  1. Another great background! How fun the tangles are love all the little characters! Hope all works out well after the storm – so sorry….

  2. This is so cute and fun!! I love it! Working on mine…aahhh! I hope the rain stops soon and everybody's okay!!

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