Diva Challenge #72 and String 002


Diva Challenge #72 this week – Tanglation Nation – Crescent Moon. Our instructions were to use only crescent moon in our tile, no other patterns. This is what I came up with – and I am very happy with it. I first watercolored the tile, set it with my heat gun, then drew the string…. Continue Reading

Crete – A New Tangle


This is the first time I’ve posted a pattern I created. I’ve searched and searched the internet and I don’t see anyone else using a similar design. Fairly simple steps, lots of variation possibilities. One immediate point to address is in step 3 – all the corners are drawn in brown – I have no… Continue Reading

Making Jellies in Cedar Key

Recently I saw an article on the internet where someone had painted a huge jellyfish on a canvas for a home decoration. While we were at Cedar Key last week, I sought to re-create her jellyfish . . . on a 2.5″ x 3.5″ Strathmore watercolor tile. These are the size used for ATCs and… Continue Reading

Tangle Sampler

Last week, Tangles and Stuff offered a journal prompt to make a tangle sampler, using your own tangles, new-to-you tangles, or ones you hadn’t used in awhile. I had never done a tangle sampler before, so I really enjoyed this!  I used a whole bunch of tangles – buttercup, krust, sippy, Msst, knase, beaded, hurly… Continue Reading

Mooka Challenge


Last week, Tangles and Stuff gave us the challenge to use mooka in our journal and to use a quote, or to write something of meaning to us.  (I had never drawn mooka successfully, so I was determined to make this work!) Sunday morning, Pastor Matt repeated this verse several times. It was the focus of… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #6 – What Fun!


Running a little late on posts this week – we’ve been on vacation at Cedar Key for a few days! I can’t even tell you how many pictures I took of seagulls and pelicans! About a gazillion at least! And in the midst of all that, I drew up this zendala for Erin’s zendala dare!… Continue Reading

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a busy past couple days! Our house got flooded during a big storm a couple weeks ago. Four inches flooded. We’ve been cleaning up, replacing carpet, and talking about furniture. We decided yesterday to get new living room furniture, but to make the set fit that we selected – required a bunch of… Continue Reading

“What is steampunk?” you might ask

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Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with steampunk. I’ve been collecting tangle patterns that would work with the genre, and drawing a couple tiles that I’ve posted. I’ve had a couple people message me to ask – what is steampunk? One of the blogs I follow – Pop Art Minis – posted a definition today,… Continue Reading

Colour Me Sepia – Diva Challenge #70


It’s time for our weekly challenge from Laura, also known as the Diva :). This is challenge #70. A colour challenge – of sepia. I used one of Zentangle’s pre-strung zendalas, a couple sepia microns, and a brown micron. This super simple design just kind of drew itself. All the pieces fit very well together…. Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #5 with the Bright Owl


It is hard to believe it’s already the 5th week of Erin’s Zendala Dare! This is the pattern she gave us this week. It’s really very simple (snicker, snicker!) Erin gives us a pattern and challenges us to fill it with various tangles. Then we get to share our work through her blog and we… Continue Reading