Leda’s New Drawing Kit!


Leda Art Supply is working on a new 34 Piece Drawing Kit and I got to do a box opening review of it! Yayayayay!!! Thanks, Gary!!! This was an exciting video to make! I had not done a box opening before – this was a first! Hopefully not the last – hint, hint, hint! At… Continue Reading

Moo Business Cards :)


With this new site going live, I realized my existing business cards all had the wrong web address on them. Well, Moo to the rescue! Hahaha! Quite exciting really! They came in the mail today. I didn’t even realize they were out for delivery! I love Moo for business cards! They offer several options and… Continue Reading

Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle


This is the original project I built on a page in the Hahnemühle Grey Book. Just as the name implies – the pages are grey in color. With a weight of 55 lbs., I didn’t know  what to expect when adding wet media but this paper worked like a champ! The book wrap says the paper has a non-absorbing… Continue Reading

A Tangle Sampler


In my Facebook group Tangle All Around we have weekly prompts. This week’s I Dare You! prompt was to make a tangle pattern sampler using color. I opted to use my Hahnemühle Watercolor book and my newly put together watercolor kit. I started by making some oddly (haha!) shaped boxes of color. I wanted them to… Continue Reading

A Hahnemühle Harmony Product Review Kind of Journal


 For the past week and a half I have been  working on a special project. A super fun one that involves some product from Hahnemühle Fine Art.    More specifically, I have been playing . . .  uh, working . . .  with one of Hahnemühle’s new papers called Harmony! I used the hot pressed watercolour block… Continue Reading

Marabu On Hahnemühle Bamboo Results


 A couple days ago I posted a video showing how to make these marbled cards. The product I used was Marabu Easy Marble. You can buy it here.  Not expensive, a bottle at $2.54 will last quite awhile at a couple drops here and a drop or two there.  For paper, I used Hahenemühle‘s Bamboo… Continue Reading

Product Review: Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media #zebrapenus


 Recently I ordered a  Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media spiral pad on Amazon.com and liked it so much I ordered a small pad to review. From the Hahnemühle website: Due to its unique surface, this natural-white artist paper is very well suited for different drawing and painting techniques as well as mixed media techniques. The colour… Continue Reading