Let’s Talk Reticula and Fragments

In the tangle world you can hear a lot of questions about what reticula and fragments are. What they are is simple: they are terms set apart by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas of Zentangle HQ to describe a way to achieve seemingly unending results from your tangles.  Let me explain it in simple laymen’s… Continue Reading

31 Products and a Few Headaches


Hahaha! Yep! This whole try a different product every day for 31 days about wore me out! Yesterday I showed you the final result. There it is again! Let me walk you through how I got to this point.  The thought was to use a different product each day in the month of October. Thus… Continue Reading

You Are Loved, Mixed Media


I love it when a good mixed media piece comes together like you want it to! But, hey! if it doesn’t – you can just paint right over that sucker and keep on going! Right? Hahahaha! So let’s walk through a piece I did recently. I hope you love it! A member of my Facebook… Continue Reading

Shnek Tangle Pattern Video


Shnek is a handy tangle to be familiar with. It is flexible and you can fit it into so many applications. A border, in the round, as filler – I think it’s a wonderful tangle. Hanny Waldburger is the designer and she is pretty awesome anyway! I like shnek so much I made a YouTube… Continue Reading

5 Petals, an Original Tangle Pattern Video


I have been thinking about how to tag my YouTube videos here on the new site. I am thinking sticking them all under ‘Tutorials’ may be a good place. So, look at the top of this page. You see where it says ‘Tutorials’ – that will be where they are all. On your cell phone?… Continue Reading

Leda’s New Drawing Kit!


Leda Art Supply is working on a new 34 Piece Drawing Kit and I got to do a box opening review of it! Yayayayay!!! Thanks, Gary!!! This was an exciting video to make! I had not done a box opening before – this was a first! Hopefully not the last – hint, hint, hint! At… Continue Reading

Moo Business Cards :)


With this new site going live, I realized my existing business cards all had the wrong web address on them. Well, Moo to the rescue! Hahaha! Quite exciting really! They came in the mail today. I didn’t even realize they were out for delivery! I love Moo for business cards! They offer several options and… Continue Reading

Let’s Make Some Easy Acrylic Tiles!


I had seven tiles left from my tin of Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tiles and I felt like adding some color. It has been a stressful last couple days for me trying to figure out why so many of you are not getting the confirmation emails, or the automatic posts you should be getting in your inboxes…. Continue Reading

Articulated Molygon, Hahnemühle and Daler Rowney


Loving this white on color Hahnemühle tile full of articulated molygon! Remember this tile? It is a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. I had fun one afternoon coloring a bunch of tiles using Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. You can see the post I wrote earlier about this particular tile right here.  I used a white Gelly… Continue Reading