Let Me Show You Spring


Spring. It was bound to happen at some point. Right? Hahaha! We’ve been waiting and hoping and staring out the window. Waiting for the snow to melt. And even as I type this I can still see snow from my window. About two feet deep where I’m looking. Snow plow pushed up stuff. But it’s… Continue Reading

Update on Mark


Thank you for all the prayers and messages and well wishes. We were able to visit with the Orthopedic doctor today and now have a plan for Mark’s pain. She said his hip is as bad as it could possibly be and he would definitely need a replacement but she did not believe we needed… Continue Reading

What a Difference a Week Makes


Northern Maine. The land where it snows for seven months of the year. Harsh weather, strong winds, and even stronger people. I have found Mainers to be loving, fiercely protective of each other, accepting and encouraging, caring and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. But this whole snow thing does… Continue Reading

Spring? Wherefore art thou?


Northern Maine, April , 2019. Almost Easter and it is still snowing. The weather forecasters last night said this is the 4th highest number of inches of snow since the reporting of those matters started for our area. They expect to break into the next rank by this weekend and we will hit the third… Continue Reading

Luna Lovegood Spotted in Maine


For several years now I have been HP fan-friends with a super lady who lives in Texas. I met Sandy through Zentangle┬« and quickly learned we both have a love for all things Potter. We were recently talking about Luna. You know . . . Looney Luna. Luna Lovegood who makes her own jewelry, wears… Continue Reading

We Survived the MRI, Mostly


Yesterday’s MRI is a done deal and we appreciate your thoughts, prayers and encouragements. Who knows when we will get results. Mainers don’t seem to get in a hurry for anything. And usually that is alright, but not this time. We need help like a month ago. The MRI will help us get an appointment… Continue Reading



Hahaha! I keep seeing cartoons and memes on Facebook about spring being here. Yep! I do think Maine is thinking … wishing … longing for spring. But it isn’t here quite yet. Mark equates spring with the lakes being iced out and ready for fishing. So this morning after breakfast we rode by Nickerson Lake,… Continue Reading

Holy Batman, Robin! It’s Still Snowing!


According to the weather folks up here in Maine, our yearly average snowfall is 90 inches. This year we have already hit a little over 150 inches. And it is snowing again. Just lightly, but still. Before you worry about us getting buried by snow, let me say we had two days when it warmed… Continue Reading

The Snow Has Stopped


Finally, it has stopped snowing. Yesterday was a beautiful day – as long as you love snow and didn’t need to get anywhere. I actually shot this photo yesterday morning when we woke up. This is one of the pictures I’m repeating throughout the winter to gage the snow amount. That’s the old snow plow… Continue Reading

Another Storm Coming


Snow? Yes, we have some. This cemetery is about 1/4 mile from our house, on the same road we live on. One thing different about cemeteries in Maine from what I am used to is the size of the stones. Many such places down south require flat-to-the-ground headstones to make cutting the grass easier. If… Continue Reading