Hahaha! I keep seeing cartoons and memes on Facebook about spring being here. Yep! I do think Maine is thinking … wishing … longing for spring. But it isn’t here quite yet. Mark equates spring with the lakes being iced out and ready for fishing. So this morning after breakfast we rode by Nickerson Lake,… Continue Reading

Holy Batman, Robin! It’s Still Snowing!


According to the weather folks up here in Maine, our yearly average snowfall is 90 inches. This year we have already hit a little over 150 inches. And it is snowing again. Just lightly, but still. Before you worry about us getting buried by snow, let me say we had two days when it warmed… Continue Reading

The Snow Has Stopped


Finally, it has stopped snowing. Yesterday was a beautiful day – as long as you love snow and didn’t need to get anywhere. I actually shot this photo yesterday morning when we woke up. This is one of the pictures I’m repeating throughout the winter to gage the snow amount. That’s the old snow plow… Continue Reading

Another Storm Coming


Snow? Yes, we have some. This cemetery is about 1/4 mile from our house, on the same road we live on. One thing different about cemeteries in Maine from what I am used to is the size of the stones. Many such places down south require flat-to-the-ground headstones to make cutting the grass easier. If… Continue Reading

Getting Iced In


Snow? Yes, we have plenty. Thank you for asking. And now we are getting ice! Eek! Let me show you. Isn’t that a beautiful cell phone shot? I was sitting inside the car, waiting for Mark to go get some scrambled eggs and toast and some epic coffee! This picture is eye level sitting in… Continue Reading

Major Snowfall in Upper Maine


Aurora is all ready for the snow. Actually I thought we were, too, but the amount of snow coming down right now is unbelievable. And we can’t stay ahead of it. Windy and quite nasty. This was yesterday on our drive home from town. We went for cat food and a few provisions. At that… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas – You Are Loved!


It’s finally here! Christmas morning! And it’s a white one for sure here in Maine! It is Christmas morning! At least, here in the United States it is. I pray your day goes well. Whether you are with family – or if you are alone – I pray God will bless you and make you… Continue Reading

Maine Covered in Snow is Beautiful


It is snow season in the north! And we love it here in Maine so much! Good thing! Hahahaha! Some of you have asked about our house. Here it is. And scary as it may sound – most of this snow came in two snowfalls. Both of which lasted for over 12 hours each. Mark… Continue Reading

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse


Review from Jason Hendon, Hazardous Reviews The short version: a great visionary feast with a simple but strong story with a nice moral tied into the end of it.  Into the Spider-Verse is supposedly based on the 2014 comic series simply titled Spider-Verse … I am not really sure how, as the story is vastly… Continue Reading

The Many Faces of the Frankles


I really need a Family category here on this website. A place to store my photos of Maine, but more importantly my photos of family. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you are already familiar with the Frankles. Not her real name, but what I call her anyway. My youngest daughter – whom… Continue Reading