New Dragon from Mystic Reflections


 Check out this sweet little guy! A friend sent me a link to an Etsy shop for Mystic Reflections and in her shop I found this dragon that I just had to have! Cause – dragon!  He doesn’t have a name yet.  This dapper little fellow is about 2 1/2 inches tall.  What should I name him?… Continue Reading

Our Week in Pictures


 With all the rain in Texas with Hurricane Harvey and all the rain starting in Florida with Hurricane Irma, our little paradise here in Maine wasn’t going to be left out. Enter stage right – rain, rain, and more rain. Above photo was this morning in Houlton. Our ‘real’ town. So much fun doing the dump… Continue Reading

Cool Find Yesterday


 Yesterday we were out driving, looking for some waterfalls that we never found. But we did find this awesome thing hanging in a tree. It was about the size of a basketball, head level if we had been walking. I’ve never seen one of these before. The best we could guess is it’s a wasp nest – possibly…. Continue Reading

This Week In Maine


My son Jason is here to visit for the week. Bobbie and Frankie are already up here, working and waiting to close on the new house. It was nice to be able to show Jason some of our countryside – without snow. Yes, it’s beautiful in winter, but Maine is also gorgeous in the summertime. This… Continue Reading

A Dandy of a Day


Sunday morning. Bright and beautiful outside. The high today should be around 76° F. And the winds are blowing. They always blow in Maine. Couldn’t ask for a better day. 

Lupins in Maine


Lupins.  I had never seen these flowers before we moved to Maine last year.  They grow wild everywhere here. Literally.  As you ride through the countryside, you will see pink, purple, blue. Growing in wild abandon in fields, in the woods, in yards. Everywhere.  We got some seed last year and planted them around the dragon… Continue Reading

From Inspired Blessings


 Back in February, my mom passed away. My nephew John collected some of Mom’s shirts and slacks and sent them to Inspired Blessings. You can find them here on Facebook. They turned the clothes into these beautiful memory bears! The body is made from one of Mom’s shirts. The ears, feet, arms, and bow are made… Continue Reading

This Week in Maine


 It’s a beautiful week in Maine. We’ve had some rain, but we’ve had some beautiful sunny days, too! Mark has been able to get some fishing in. My little garden (it came with the house) is in full bloom. Every day there is something new. And I don’t know what most of it is. Above… Continue Reading

Yay!!! My New Mailbox is In!


 It’s been a long time coming. A couple months ago I got to thinking I needed one more dragon. A dragon mailbox maybe. So I went to Mr. Google and began looking. And . . .  this guy arrived last week.  Mark was out of town and I needed to wait till he got home,… Continue Reading

Can’t Believe How Fast the Grass Grows!


 I seriously can’t believe how fast the grass grows here in Maine. Mark could mow twice a week and just barely be keeping ahead of it. It does – however – create a beautiful backdrop. I have no idea what kind of flower this is. I guess I need to send Brenda a picture and ask. Hahaha!… Continue Reading