A Week in Maine


Oh my word! It is cold! Hahaha! In just a week our weather has gone from fall to serious winter. This is our third winter living in Maine and we still love it – just so you know. And we are still amazed and surprised by many things we encounter. Particularly the weather. Remember green… Continue Reading

Riding the Trails


Can I just say we live in the most beautiful state in the country? Especially at this time of year when the leaves are changing. Actually right now we are in the middle of a bomb cyclone and the winds are blowing like crazy. Glad I got all these photos of our leaves when I… Continue Reading

A Little More Maine


Maine is beautiful! Is it the time of year? No, not really. Maine is beautiful all year long! We live in an isolated area with few people and love it! Of course our friends here probably wouldn’t think we are isolated but they didn’t come from Florida where mostly everywhere is crowded with too many… Continue Reading

Ready For Some Fall?


Fall is quickly slipping away from us. Seems like the leaves just started changing colors and now many of the leaves have already fallen. Winter is just around the corner. Kali actually had snow in Colorado yesterday. What were we doing? Yesterday we drove to Presque Isle to visit the doctor and I took a… Continue Reading

Changing Leaves in Maine


It is that time of year. At least here in Maine it is that time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling in the breeze. And the wind is always blowing here, soon the yard will be covered in leaves. And before we know it the yard will be covered in snow. But… Continue Reading

Harvest Time


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos of Maine. Most of the photos I show are shot through the car window while Mark drives. Since his surgery, I have been doing all the driving and I can’t shoot pictures while I do that. Yesterday Mark decided he wanted to try driving and now he… Continue Reading

Full Hip Replacement √


What can I say but thank you, Lord, it’s over and Mark is getting better. We left Monday for Fort Kent, Maine, where an awesome doctor named Lapinsky did a full hip replacement on Mark Tuesday morning. Yayayayay!!!! We finally have the solution! The first thing I noticed as I drove up to the hospital… Continue Reading

See You in a Week


A week. Thereabouts. Mark’s surgery is coming fast. We will be heading to the hospital Monday while our son stays in our house to take care of animals. The police officer across the way knows we will be gone for a bit and he will keep watch over our house as well. Tuesday morning is… Continue Reading

My Life Right Now


It’s August 5th today. My mom’s birthday. If she were still here she would be 95 today. Happy birthday in heaven, Mom! I love you and I miss you but I will see you again one day! And that’s about all I can say about that without crying. So I am going to show you… Continue Reading

Gallifreyan Farm, Maine


Isn’t that a great feature photo? Hahahaha! Such a sweet little guy! Today was Open Farm Day at the Gallifreyan Farm in Linneus, Maine. And we knew they had alpacas! What else did we need to know? Hahahaha! Not a thing! That was a good enough draw for me! We hadn’t been to any events… Continue Reading