Merry Christmas – You Are Loved!


It’s finally here! Christmas morning! And it’s a white one for sure here in Maine! It is Christmas morning! At least, here in the United States it is. I pray your day goes well. Whether you are with family – or if you are alone – I pray God will bless you and make you… Continue Reading

Maine Covered in Snow is Beautiful


It is snow season in the north! And we love it here in Maine so much! Good thing! Hahahaha! Some of you have asked about our house. Here it is. And scary as it may sound – most of this snow came in two snowfalls. Both of which lasted for over 12 hours each. Mark… Continue Reading

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse


Review from Jason Hendon, Hazardous Reviews The short version: a great visionary feast with a simple but strong story with a nice moral tied into the end of it.  Into the Spider-Verse is supposedly based on the 2014 comic series simply titled Spider-Verse … I am not really sure how, as the story is vastly… Continue Reading

The Many Faces of the Frankles


I really need a Family category here on this website. A place to store my photos of Maine, but more importantly my photos of family. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you are already familiar with the Frankles. Not her real name, but what I call her anyway. My youngest daughter – whom… Continue Reading

Frankles Visits the Dragons


 The Frankles spent a couple days with us and she wanted to spend some time visiting with the dragons.  I love watching her ‘interact’ with them.  Hahaha! Maleficent is a little taller! She wanted to play with the one that didn’t have sharp edges and she was very careful.  We visited with all the dragons – I just… Continue Reading

In Our Yard This Week


 Since moving to Maine, we have found all sorts of wildlife in our yard. Moose, bears, deer, groundhogs, beavers, otter, raccoons, porcupines, coyotes, fox – perhaps others, those are what I recall.  We found this little guy yesterday. We believe he is some type of hawk. Too young to fly yet, still fluffy and fuzzy. And no mama… Continue Reading

Time With the Frankles


 Started the morning off with breakfast at Grammy’s Country Inn. Training some new cooks – they need to learn a little quicker. But the whipped cream was awesome! The Frankles approved the cream for sure! Blueberry pancake with blueberries and cream on top! Yummy! No art today. We are busy being a kitty. Art again tomorrow. … Continue Reading

Where is Stephen King?


 Yesterday we expected it to snow all day. In fact, we expected it to snow through today. So what did we do? Mark decided we needed to go two hours away – to Bangor, Maine.  We started the morning off at our local diner. Grammy’s Country Inn is just a short drive from our house…. Continue Reading

Beautiful Mama Dragon!


 If you have followed my work for any length of time, you already know that I love dragons! And mostly I want them all to live here at Storybrooke Manor  with Mark and me. Hahaha! Seriously, I do!  Ina Sonnenmoser is one of the friends I collaborated with on the Tangle It! Book Series. Well, she… Continue Reading

Still Snowing???


 It has been a heck of a week in Maine. Well, all up and down the east side of the country really.  In the space of six hours we got right at two feet of snow. It was snowing so hard it was difficult to plow and stay ahead of it.  Then, just because it… Continue Reading