Last Week in Maine


It has been a crazy week for weather here in northern Maine. And a good one for pictures when we were able to get out of the house. This winter hasn’t been as bad as last year was. Not nearly as much snow and it started a lot later this go round. By this time… Continue Reading

Taking a Day Off


Yesterday started with breakfast, then routine email, Instagram, website, Facebook and Tangle All Around, and then I took some time for myself. That doesn’t usually happen. But I needed some time to make art for me. Or for swaps, actually. Hahahaha! I have a few swaps in Creative Crafty Friends I signed up for and… Continue Reading

From Our Family to Yours


Yes, I know Christmas was a couple days ago. Hahahaha! I have just finished taking down the trees and putting all the decorations into their boxes and into the closet. You should see my upstairs clothes closet! I am the Queen of Packing Stuff! Even I impressed myself! Hahahahahaha! I really like these trees I… Continue Reading

Foodie Road Trip, Completed


Yesterday I just showed you the first half of day three. It had been a long day here and I didn’t have a lot of time to post. Sorry. Let me show you what Mark and I ate for supper on that third day. Hahahaha! I know it is weird posting about all our food… Continue Reading

Foodie Road Trip, Day Three


Short post today because my day is almost over. I had a hair appointment today which took up a lot of time. It takes awhile to cover up all this grey! Hahahahaha! I am only going to show you lunch for day three. I will combine the rest of three with day four tomorrow and… Continue Reading

Foodie Road Trip, Day Two


What can I say? We like good food. Hahahaha! Last week we flew to Florida for 3 1/2 days to hit up our favorite restaurants. Not even kidding! On our first full day in Orlando we headed to Universal Studio. I know what you are thinking. Theme park food. How good could that be? Let… Continue Reading

Foodie Road Trip, Day One


Most of you know Mark and I moved to Maine from Florida almost four years ago. Maine is beautiful and it has much to offer with one great exception. At least in the area where we live. And that would be restaurants. We have our one little overpriced diner where the food quality has been… Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland


We had another snowfall overnight and the next morning the trees were all covered in a lacy beautiful white! I love it when the trees look like this! I know it isn’t good for the trees. All that weight causes branches to break but still . . . I think it is so beautiful! You… Continue Reading

A Week in Maine


Oh my word! It is cold! Hahaha! In just a week our weather has gone from fall to serious winter. This is our third winter living in Maine and we still love it – just so you know. And we are still amazed and surprised by many things we encounter. Particularly the weather. Remember green… Continue Reading

Riding the Trails


Can I just say we live in the most beautiful state in the country? Especially at this time of year when the leaves are changing. Actually right now we are in the middle of a bomb cyclone and the winds are blowing like crazy. Glad I got all these photos of our leaves when I… Continue Reading