Stencil Art to Tangle


Like I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon Mark is having an MRI to hopefully determine why he is having trouble walking. I really can’t make art today, so I’m pulling out a post from the past. I promise it is still relevant. <3 (And I’ll add some new comments, too.)  Show of hands: how many of us have stencils… Continue Reading

Fountain Pen Loosey Gooseys


That title may make absolutely no sense at all. Yet it makes perfect sense to me. Because – yes, my brain works that way. Hahahahaha! You may have seen me mention the absurd amount of snow we’ve gotten this winter in Maine. Last count I had was around 160 inches, the yearly average is 90… Continue Reading

I Dare You! Border Practice


This week’s I Dare You! in Tangle All Around (FB) is to work on border tangles. If you are a tangler with any experience at all you will understand what I mean when I say this. Sometimes when I’m tangling I know I need a certain kind of pattern – for instance a border –… Continue Reading

String Time!


Each week in my Facebook group Tangle All Around I give the members a string to tangle. Some weeks it is a basic type string that most tanglers would recognize. Some weeks I go a little bigger and give them a mandala string. Strings that are layered, mirrored, geometric, anything really is a possibility. Hahaha!… Continue Reading

Strathmore Blue


Strathmore has a relatively new paper out and they call it Toned Blue Mixed Media. It comes in various sizes and I just grabbed up a pad recently. Let me show you what I did! Nothing fancy. Just a little tangling with a blue micron and a grey Copic multiliner. Highlighting was done with some… Continue Reading

More 4 Corner Swaps


Yesterday I told you about a 4 Corner Tile Swap I am participating in. I mentioned I had done this before, so I thought you might be interested in seeing the tiles I received from other tanglers. You are used to seeing my tangle art but everyone tangles differently, so I thought it would be… Continue Reading

4 Corner Tile Swap


About six years ago I got my first start in art with Zentangle. I found it on Pinterest. The art of tangling. Basic black ink on white papers known as tiles. Using patterns that follow specific steps that you repeat one line at a time. Over the course of time I pulled in color and… Continue Reading

Viola, A New Tangle


Want to try a new tangle pattern? Loose and free-flowing, Viola is a super forgiving, easy to draw tangle. Here is a quick tile I did last night using viola. Notice how each flower is its own flower. No two are the same. This tangle is not meant for perfection, or duplication. Each viola you… Continue Reading

Have You Sent Me Your Tangles?


Putting out the call one more time before I seriously get down to work on this new book. So I had a great idea to make one book that contains all my tangle patterns and all of Christine and Sandra’s patterns as well. Then I got the idea to invite my Facebook group Tangle All… Continue Reading

Anemone, New Tangle


I have been needing to step out this pattern for awhile now. Anemone. It was named by someone looking at my art on Instagram. I use it a lot in underwater art. Here is an example. Very basic. Those two floating blobs with arms. Very similar to squid but different. Anemone starts with a center… Continue Reading