When the Tangle is Too Hard


Tangle patterns come in all levels of ease – from easy peasy to oh my gosh what was I thinking!!! Normally when I hit one of those hard ones I push myself and give it a good go. If it is still beating me about the head – I move on to something else. But… Continue Reading

Inktober, Days 10 – 13


It’s hard to believe but Inktober is almost half way complete. Glass half full? Glass half empty? Hahahahaha! It’s amazing how many people are staying caught up. Including me! Let me show you the last few days! My least favorite tile of the month so far. Hahahahahaha! There has to be one or two that… Continue Reading

Inktober Days 6 – 9


Inktober is rolling right along and I am managing to keep up. So far. Hahaha! You know how I work. I usually have 5 or 6 or 7 projects in the works – all at once. Right now is no different. And while I’m thinking about being stretched thin – Mark has a doctor’s appointment… Continue Reading

Similar But Different


The song lyrics one of these things is not like the others keeps running through my head. Hahahaha! But I only have two things to show you – so that’s not enough things! So instead we will talk about similar but different! Let’s start with the tangle cee-a-mosa. I named the pattern this because those… Continue Reading

Inktober Has Begun


Yes, those are snow flakes but don’t be alarmed. It has not begun snowing. Yet. We do expect the snows to begin within the next week or two but we are praying it holds off as long as possible. I know once it starts it will be here until April, at least. While I watch… Continue Reading

Leaves of Fall


In many places around the world fall is here. Autumn – a time of change. A time of reflection. And in my part of the world the leaves are changing colors. To celebrate fall and the hope it inspires I asked my Facebook group to tangle up a bunch of beautiful leaves. So, from Tangle… Continue Reading

Changing Leaves in Maine


It is that time of year. At least here in Maine it is that time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling in the breeze. And the wind is always blowing here, soon the yard will be covered in leaves. And before we know it the yard will be covered in snow. But… Continue Reading

To Shade or Not to Shade?


Tangle art is fun and easy. It really is. Anyone can draw the patterns. If you can draw the shapes I, C, S and O you can tangle. And once you have completed the drawing portion of your art you need to decide whether or not to add shading to your piece. My overseas friends… Continue Reading

String Time!


Each Thursday I post a string for my members in Tangle All Around to work with. We have a really happening group on Facebook and we would love for you to join us if you aren’t already in the group. I post prompts on Saturdays and we have some fun projects in the works. Here… Continue Reading

Thank You!


Thirty-one days. Tangle All Around the World published 31 days ago and it is available worldwide on Amazon. When a new book is released, Amazon makes it eligible for the hot new release list for 31 days. I am so excited to announce for the 31 day span – Tangle All Around the World was… Continue Reading