Zen-untangled! Week 4


Hard to believe we are already on week four of Zen-untangled! What is that? You haven’t heard about Zen-untangled? In my FB group Tangle All Around we are working our way through every one of the 170 tangle patterns designed by the zentangle gurus. I have encouraged each member to participate in the way that… Continue Reading

Zentangle in Living Color


I originally had this posted a couple days ago but took it down to do a little work on the post. Then the whole post got lost so I am starting over. This past week I had the opportunity to take an online class taught by Heidi Halpern Kay, who also goes by HK Tangler… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 3


I had a lot of fun with week number three! My Facebook group Tangle All Around is working on a project I named Zen-untangled! Christine suggested the name and it really is perfect for the vision I had for my group. We are working through all 170 tangle patterns from zentangle. It will take us… Continue Reading

End Results


Life is crazy here with me trying to keep up with Zen-untangled and making comments on all the posts on Tangle All Around. It is a great project! I have never had so many members participate and trying to keep up leaves me time for little else right now. So . . . I am… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 2


Tangle All Around is working on a back to basics zentangle project. Week two is just starting and many are just beginning to work on the project. It is not too late to join. We are working our way through all 170 tangle patterns given to us from Zentangle HQ and making ourselves a keepsake/… Continue Reading

Thank You, Jules!


I love to get unexpected happy mail! And this week I received a super nice card from Jules! She is a member of Tangle All Around AND she admins a very active FB group called EnTANGLEment. We both keep our groups on their toes with fun activities, encouraging tanglers all over the globe. I opened… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled, Week 1


Here we go! Week one! Since we are starting in the middle of a week I only gave my group Tangle All Around four tangles to work with this week. And permission to play and have fun. I am working in a journal I purchased from Zentangle that they apparently no longer carry. So I… Continue Reading



My FB group Tangle All Around is getting ready to embark on a new project! I had an epiphany a short time ago and have been thinking through this new idea, mulling over different approaches to fit everyone’s tangle style. And I am getting ready to announce it in group New Year’s Eve with the… Continue Reading

Leda, Zebra and Ribbon Rose


A winning combination? I love it when my products come together and make a fun piece of art! Hahaha! Don’t you love it when yours do? I want to show you a fun piece I put together in about 20 minutes total using products from Leda Art Supply and Zebra Pen. Recently I pulled out… Continue Reading

Tangled My Chop


Recently I challenged my FB group Tangle All Around to create a chop and use it as a string. Sound like a foreign language? Or did you understand that? Hahahah! In the artsy world a chop is the way you sign your name. Usually a configuration of your initials. Most people try to make it… Continue Reading