Artfully Inspired Embedded Letter


Joanne Sharpe has a year long online class she is currently teaching called Artfully Inspired Life. This is the first year I am participating. I’ve signed up for the class two other years but life happened. Hopefully this time I will be able to keep up and carry through. And so far I have started…. Continue Reading

Carol Boss, You’re the Best!


Carol Boss, Marketing Services Manager for Hahnemühle USA, you are the absolute best! Most of you have been reading, and are familiar with, my product review posts for Hahnemühle. I know that many of you are now using Hahnemühle product because of those reviews. Well, there are actually four of us reviewers that have become… Continue Reading

Back to Basics


Let’s go back. Back to the beginning. Back to what we learned to get us started. Back before we learned so much that it is hard to recall how we got hooked in the first place. Back. To the basics. What am I talking about? I am talking about tangling. The basics, the bare bones,… Continue Reading

Tombows and Marabu Graphix


I want to catch you up on a couple pieces of art that I have completed. Just small pieces because that is mostly what I have time to do. Work in small increments. Otherwise I get discouraged that I never complete anything. Because. You know. Life. Recently I walked you through how I made this… Continue Reading

Tangle Starts Does the Work For You


Have you ever wished you could make a color background like this but were just too anxious to try? Didn’t have the supplies? Didn’t know where to begin? Good news – I have already done the work for you! Let me show you what I mean. This book published a little over a year ago…. Continue Reading

Start the Year with Porter


Can you believe it’s 2019 already? I can’t! This past year has just flown by. So many projects started. So many projects in various stages of completion. Hahahahaha! Here is one thing I did complete: This was a fun piece of art! And it came as a result of a new book I published in… Continue Reading

A Whole Lot of Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll!


Sounds like we are going to have a dance party with that post title! Hahahaha! So not having a dance party, sorry. Well, we could if you want to. I’m up for just about anything these days. But first, let me tell you about my Diva Dance rock ‘n roll art. Yep, that is the… Continue Reading

Tangling on Canson Fanboy Illustration Paper


I love tangling large. Think 9″ x 12″ large. I don’t usually have the time because I keep so many irons in the fire all the time, but it is fun to have a large piece started that I can pull out from time to time and work on. My paper of choice for mindless… Continue Reading

Getting Sketchy on Facebook


Each Saturday morning I make a post on Facebook about a prompt I call Getting Sketchy! Let me show you what I mean: I admin a tangle/art group called Tangle All Around. We have a load of members and one of the rules is – you have to be nice! Hahaha! not even kidding. Each… Continue Reading