String Time!


It’s that time of week again! Thursday is String Time! in Tangle All Around! Each week on Thursday I give my tangle group a string to work with. Keep in mind the tile I drew the string on is 3.5″ square in real life. On my desktop screen it looks like it is 7″ square…. Continue Reading

Tangle Time


I had a busy week tangle-wise. Mark was gone for a few days and I had a lot of art time. Here are a few of the tiles I made: Most of these were Tiles from Hahnem├╝hle. Tangling was done with technical pens from Zebra Pen. The color was Distress Ink Pads used like… Continue Reading

Holiday Wreaths


Holiday time is upon us. Whether you live in the United States or another country around the world – it is holiday season. For the past two weeks my Facebook group Tangle All Around has been tangling up a bunch of holiday wreaths to celebrate this time of year. And today you get to see… Continue Reading

String Time!


Thursday is String Time! day in FB group Tangle All Around. Each week I give the group a string to tangle. Here is this week’s: The instructions are to either print the string on their home printer and tangle OR to re-create it on paper of their choice and tangle. I don’t always show you… Continue Reading

Tangle Time


It is hard to find time to just tangle for myself. I am trying to work on a tile each day – it doesn’t always work out. But this past week I did good fitting in the time. Hahahaha! This started with Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks for the background on a Zentangle┬« tile. Really absorbent… Continue Reading

Featured Artist at Leda Art Supply


I am very honored to be a Featured Artist for Leda Art Supply. I just love their sketchbooks and use mine on a regular basis. You can not go wrong with Leda. They have the perfect size book for the art you love to make! Thank you, Gary and Leda! You made my day!

Keeper of the Tiles


Don’t you love that feature photo? I know I showed it to you yesterday but I am still smiling every time I look at it. Hahaha! It is perfect for me! Christine made it for me and yesterday I showed you the other art pieces she sent me but I saved one treasure for today’s… Continue Reading

Tangles and Some Sketchy


Short post today. We are having an ice storm here and the weather is abysmal. Posting short so maybe I can get this live before the power clicks out again. Never fear – we have a generator and we are good. Starting with my Getting Sketchy for last week. I am trying a new sketchbook… Continue Reading

Tangle Time


Inktober is over. Hallelujah! Hahahahaha! I know it is a good event meant to get us in the habit of drawing each day. I am just glad the pressure to create is over and I can go back to having fun with tangling again. I started with this beautiful tile that my friend Priscilla DeConti… Continue Reading

Tangle Anywhere


Since Inktober wrapped up I have tried to maintain my daily tangling. We are also getting ready for snow here: getting the supplies in that we need, stocking up with wood pellets, setting up the snow plow, getting clothes ready, planning ahead. It will be the first snow of the year and over the next… Continue Reading