Marabu Alcohol Ink – New!


Joggles is celebrating their 16th birthday by offering a lot of super deals. One of the biggest and best deals is this brand new set of Marabu Alcohol Inks. Offered at half the price – I just couldn’t resist. Because who can resist Marabu anyway? Hahaha! Seriously! Barb had them here in two days and… Continue Reading

Bird Tag and One


Yesterday for my stencil post I walked you through setting up the bare bones base for my bird tag. Here it is again in case you did not see it. FB group Creative Crafty Friends is on fire with swaps and right now we are swapping bird tags. Tags are not really my thing but… Continue Reading

A Stencil and a Tag :)


Day two of the stencil art making. Yayayay!!! Today in regard to taking back the studio I cleaned out a bunch of drawers. FB group Creative Crafty Friends is hosting a giveaway of excess stash. Supplies you have too many of or supplies you aren’t using – we can trade in the group. So today… Continue Reading

Letters E and P


Swapping art with a friend is wonderful fun! The swap group I was a member of on Facebook closed up shop but that didn’t stop Beth and I from trading with each other. We decided to work on the letters E and P and swap just the two of us. So much fun! And Beth’s… Continue Reading

Taking Back the Studio


It’s time to start working with my stencils! Yayayay! Finally! Awhile back I told you I had pulled out every stencil I could find and put them into a cardboard box. I want to make a piece of art with every stencil I have and as I use them I will put them back into… Continue Reading

String Time!


Each Thursday in my Facebook group Tangle All Around I post a string to play with during the week. Let me show you last week’s string. Pretty straight forward. Four dots, a box connecting those dots and a string inside. Then you add tangles to the sections created by the string. I began with printemps… Continue Reading

Irojiten Pencils


Today I want to share a project I made six years ago. And I think it’s about time to give this another go because it was that much fun! I want to walk you through how I made this mandala using just a couple simple supplies. I started out with the plan to make a… Continue Reading

On an Opus


A couple years ago ZentangleĀ® came out with a 10.5″ square tile they named the Opus. Tangling on a larger scale – many of us serious tanglers at the time already worked large scale so it was nice to have this format available. At $4.40 apiece I try to make the Opus tiles I have… Continue Reading

New Tangle from Zentangle HQ


Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of ZentangleĀ®, released a new tangle pattern this weekend through their newsletter. I am sharing the step out with you so you can give DooDah a try of your own. Fairly straight forward. I look forward to seeing what you do. I may even get a chance to… Continue Reading

Making Color Art!


I like making colorful, bright, beautiful backgrounds probably more than anything else in art. Yes, I enjoy tangling on them as well but the making of the color just makes me extremely happy. In this short post I am going to show you five backgrounds I made using four different products. All five pieces were… Continue Reading