Changing Leaves in Maine


It is that time of year. At least here in Maine it is that time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling in the breeze. And the wind is always blowing here, soon the yard will be covered in leaves. And before we know it the yard will be covered in snow. But… Continue Reading

Marabu Acryl Mousse


Taking back the studio! Working those stencils! Hahahaha! You may have noticed a few posts lately where I used a stencil. I used one yesterday and I actually bought a stencil last week. Eek! What was I thinking??? That takes my current stencil count to . . . hmmm 367. Eeeeek!!!!! But in my defense… Continue Reading

Lindy’s Magicals, Day Four


This week we have been trying different things with Lindy’s Magicals. If you missed that you should go back over the past three days and read those posts – you don’t want to miss out on these little pots of . . . well, magic! Today I want to show you my favorite technique! So… Continue Reading

Lindy’s Magicals, Day Three


The past couple days we have been working with Lindy’s Magicals. Those little pots of magic making beautiful color powder! And in the comments you are leaving I see that several of you have this product and are playing along. That makes me happy! Today I am going to show you another technique for using… Continue Reading

Lindy’s Magicals, Day Two


I want to show you another technique using Lindy’s Magicals. Yesterday we walked our way through touching a fan brush into the powders and tapping some color onto a wet tile. Well, hold onto that fan brush because we will use it again today. I began with my craft mat, theses two pots of color,… Continue Reading

Lindy’s Magicals, Day One


Originally known as Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Lindy’s has a series of two-toned color products that are fun and innovative! I have their Shimmer Sprays, Flat Fabio Sprays, Moon Shadow Mist Sprays and even their Glitz Sprays. I also have their Shakers and their Magicals. The Magicals are what I want to show you over… Continue Reading

To Shade or Not to Shade?


Tangle art is fun and easy. It really is. Anyone can draw the patterns. If you can draw the shapes I, C, S and O you can tangle. And once you have completed the drawing portion of your art you need to decide whether or not to add shading to your piece. My overseas friends… Continue Reading

String Time!


Each Thursday I post a string for my members in Tangle All Around to work with. We have a really happening group on Facebook and we would love for you to join us if you aren’t already in the group. I post prompts on Saturdays and we have some fun projects in the works. Here… Continue Reading

The Inner Critic


The Inner Critic. We all have one. I do, you do. It’s that nagging little voice that tells you: you will never lose that weight, you will never get that job, no one will ever want you, you are not good enough, your art stinks. You know – that voice. I originally made this post… Continue Reading

More Mermaid Art


Yesterday I mentioned the mermaid project I am participating in over on Facebook in Creative Crafty Friends. We were to make three mermaid projects. Today I want to show you the last two. I began with this great little stamp from Santoro. A year or so ago, Joggles got a load of these Santoro stamps… Continue Reading