The Inner Critic


The Inner Critic. We all have one. I do, you do. It’s that nagging little voice that tells you: you will never lose that weight, you will never get that job, no one will ever want you, you are not good enough, your art stinks. You know – that voice. I originally made this post… Continue Reading

More Mermaid Art


Yesterday I mentioned the mermaid project I am participating in over on Facebook in Creative Crafty Friends. We were to make three mermaid projects. Today I want to show you the last two. I began with this great little stamp from Santoro. A year or so ago, Joggles got a load of these Santoro stamps… Continue Reading

Making Mermaids <3


I may have mentioned I recently joined a Facebook group called Creative Crafty Friends. They do a lot of crafting and swapping. Many times it is something I don’t have the time to figure out but a couple days ago they posted a mermaid swap. Yep! I can do that one! And I did! We… Continue Reading

Faux Watercolor


Watercolor backgrounds. I wish I knew how many I’ve made over the years. That would be interesting. I expect it’s in the ballpark of thousands. And today I made fourteen more. I began with these supplies: some Tombow brush pens, some Distress Ink pads and some Hahnemühle Tiles. In addition I used water and… Continue Reading

More Marabu Alcohol Ink


For the past few days I have been playing with Marabu Alcohol Inks and occasionally mixing them with Piñata Alcohol Inks. Today I want to show you a few more pieces I made while exploring this new product. For colors I went with arctic and caramel. Brown is another color I typically steer away from…. Continue Reading

A Marabu Study in Black


It was a week for firsts. Actually several firsts but I want to show you one. First time ever creating with black ink. You know me. I am all about the bright and colorful, not so much about black or red or brown. You know. Boring colors. At least in my opinion. But this particular… Continue Reading

Easy Project With Marabu Art Crayons


Rainy day here and the big dog is having some major issues. I have a feeling we aren’t going to have him much longer. Although I’ve thought that before. Seriously, he is like 13 or 14 years old. He doesn’t understand why Mark can’t take care of him right now or that he is too… Continue Reading

Brea Reese and Piñata Alcohol Inks


The colors are wonderful! Bright and bold, yet they can also be subtle and soft. Whatever you need them to be – these alcohol inks fit the bill. This piece began with Rose and Lavender Brea Reese alcohol ink drops – two each – into some isopropyl alcohol on my 5″ x 7 ” piece… Continue Reading

Affordable Paints for Art


Ready for another Art on a Shoe String post? Actually I posted this on The Creator’s Leaf almost three years ago and I wanted to pull it back out. Art doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many artists don’t have the dollars to spend on expensive name brand paints. I don’t always have the… Continue Reading

More Brea Reese


I gotta say I love these Brea Reese Alcohol Inks. For one thing they don’t give me a headache from the fumes. And that is a big plus in my opinion. And the colors are gorgeous! I know I told you I’d show you all the rest of my playtime work in one post –… Continue Reading