31 Products and a Few Headaches


Hahaha! Yep! This whole try a different product every day for 31 days about wore me out! Yesterday I showed you the final result. There it is again! Let me walk you through how I got to this point.  The thought was to use a different product each day in the month of October. Thus… Continue Reading

Sneak Peek and a Walk Through


An artist on Instagram sponsored a 31 Product Challenge during the month of October. The thought was to use a different product each day of the month – hopefully getting us to use some of those awesome art supplies we purchased on the spur of the moment and threw into the back of the closet…. Continue Reading

Daler Rowney for some Quick and Easy Tiles


I love my Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tiles and I love pairing them with some bright and beautiful colors! Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Inks for example – the two are a match made in heaven! In art heaven!  Recently I showed you how I made these tiles. Really easy, actually, and you can make a bunch in… Continue Reading

You Are Loved, Mixed Media


I love it when a good mixed media piece comes together like you want it to! But, hey! if it doesn’t – you can just paint right over that sucker and keep on going! Right? Hahahaha! So let’s walk through a piece I did recently. I hope you love it! A member of my Facebook… Continue Reading

ATC Coins?


I’ve mentioned the Facebook group ATC Trades and Jams before. The trades and swaps they do are really fun and I’m learning a lot by watching and reading.  I told you earlier about the letter D swap. The ATCs above were for the letter O swap. I made one for the person I traded with… Continue Reading

A Disney Kind of ATC


Using pre-cut ATCs puts you one step ahead in your art making! This letter D swap that I participated in on Facebook was a lot of fun! ATC Trades and Jams is a very active group that encourages the members to make and trade ATCs! The most recent swap I joined in on was the… Continue Reading

Articulated Molygon, Hahnemühle and Daler Rowney


Loving this white on color Hahnemühle tile full of articulated molygon! Remember this tile? It is a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. I had fun one afternoon coloring a bunch of tiles using Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. You can see the post I wrote earlier about this particular tile right here.  I used a white Gelly… Continue Reading

Marabu Easy Marble and Hahnemühle ATCs


ATCs – or Artist Trading Cards – are a fun way to trade and collect artwork from artists around the world. I belong to a Facebook group called ATC Trades and Jams. They host trades and swaps on a daily basis and on a regular basis they run events based on a specific topic. Recently… Continue Reading

Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks for Color Tangling!


Color tangling is just about my favorite art thing to do! Like ever! Color, color, and more color is what I really love about art! Let me show you how I made this color fantasy you see below with a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle and some acrylic inks from Daler Rowney and Liquitex! In my… Continue Reading