Making Color Makes Me Happy


You know I like color! Bright colors, not boring ones. Not red. Not black. Not brown. Not grey. B.O.R.I.N.G. And I like to prep tiles to get them ready for other projects. This is a Tile from Hahnemühle. These tiles are so awesome! They take color, they take wet color, they are perfect for… Continue Reading

Unconventional ATCs


How’s that for a confusing topic? And a confusing focus image? Hahahaha! This was a really tough assignment for me! ATC Trades and Jams is currently doing a swap – our assignment was to make two unconventional ATCs to trade. Unconventional as in using items we find around our home. Not to go out and… Continue Reading

ATC Coins Headed to Canada


It is swap time over on Facebook in ATC Trades and Jams. Coins specifically and the only requirement – other than size – is that they have either a ribbon or a piece of metal on them. Sounded easy enough. Coins for trade are 2.5″ in diameter. Some time ago I purchased a 2.5″ circle… Continue Reading

A Hahnemühle Dragon


How’s that for a post title? Hahahaha! Yep! I made a dragon using an awesome Hahnemühle paper! Before you get excited, no, I did not draw this. I wish! I started with this drawing by Bennett Klein. Bennett posted his drawing on Facebook and invited us to color it. I downloaded his art and printed… Continue Reading

Butterfly ATCs and How I Made Them


It’s time for another ATC swap in ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook. This month I signed up for three swaps and swapping date is here while I furiously work on making the ATCs. I wasn’t ready for this one. Up first is the Butterfly swap. Let me show you. This is where I started…. Continue Reading

Coloring With Copics


I bet you did not know that I am a Certified Copic Instructor! Yep! It is true. Back in 2013 I went through the training and was certified to teach the art of the Copic. There is much I’ve learned and I’d like share some of that with you today. Perhaps you remember this page… Continue Reading

Dyestress and Daler Rowney


Day before yesterday I showed you some new colors in the Dyestress Blendable Ink line and we made a few tiles. Today I want to show you one more, then move on to the Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. I am using Tiles from Hahnemühle. At 3.5″ square they are the perfect size for experimenting… Continue Reading

New Dyestress Colors to Tangle With


ColorBox has a line of ink pads called Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks. They are very similar to the Ranger Distress Inks. I made a post previously using some of the colors that were new at that time. Since then, ColorBox has released more colors. Yesterday I got a chance to play with them a bit…. Continue Reading

Block Party!


I remember the old days when I used to scrapbook. All the time. Color blocking was a thing back then. My friend Robin Mead pulled out some color block techniques this past week and I thought I’d give it a go, too! I have to tell you I was right on the verge of a… Continue Reading

Dylusions Inks and Bamboo Mixed Media


Channeling spring through vibrant color! Hahahaha! One can only hope. Temps are getting up in the mid 40s today which means snow will be melting. And that is a good thing. Bring on mud season! Last week I pulled out a ten pack of Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media tiles and had some fun. This is… Continue Reading