Down the Rabbit Hole

Awhile back I walked you through an ATC I made of a rabbit for the Letter R Swap. My friend Andrea commented that she would like to have that particular ATC but I had already sent it to the new owner. So this past week I made Andrea a replacement and named it Down the… Continue Reading

Angelfish ATC


The Letter A Swap was a fun one! I showed you the alligator ATC a couple days ago, yesterday I made an angelfish to go with it. Creative Crafty Friends posts new swaps at the beginning of each month. This month I signed up for eight of them. Still have a couple to make yet…. Continue Reading

Art From Others


Good friends and swaps have brought me some beautiful art pieces over the past couple months. Today I want to show you some wonderful additions to my collection <3 Andrea Kine is a member of Tangle All Around. She and I really ‘met’ when I was working on my last book – Tangle All Around… Continue Reading

Alligator Starts With A!


Today I was working on a Letter A ATC for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Life has been really busy and I needed some ‘me’ time. I am afraid I opted for a bit too much ‘me’ time as I signed up for seven swaps after saying I might not do them this year…. Continue Reading

Copic Art


Zen-untangled! has me trying different things. I hadn’t used my Copics or digital stamps in some time, so I brought those out to play with. I showed you this digital stamp last week. I have to say I absolute love this image! I knew I wanted to use her in my journal I am using… Continue Reading

Z is for Zebra, ATCs


Creative Crafty Friends is hosting a swap for the Letter Z. I had so few ideas for this letter that I decided to go with two ATCS of a similar nature. Because in this household of an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen, there is only one Z and that stands for Zebra. Sometime ago I… Continue Reading

G. I. Jane, an ATC


Yesterday I showed you my Giraffe ATC for the Letter G Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Well, I needed to make a second ATC for the letter G and I decided on G. I. Jane. The term G. I. got its start during World War II and although it meant a lot of different things… Continue Reading

Letter G ATC


Creative Crafty Friends has started a new year of swaps and I decided to try a couple again. It gives me a chance to play with some different art supplies and I really enjoy making the ATCs. Maybe one day I will remember to make duplicates so I can keep some. <3 I have lots… Continue Reading

My Art Creed ala Brushos


I made this art journal spread a year or so ago. My art creed. What I want to do when I make art. And of course I want to show you how I made the color. Because . . . color! Brusho color crystals are really amazing! If you haven’t tried them – you need… Continue Reading

Color Explosion


I am participating – read that ‘playing’ – in a new class. It’s called 52 You and I hope to be able to use the class pieces in my journaling Bible! I am not going to explain the process as Stephanie charges and makes a living from teaching but I can hit you with a… Continue Reading