Featured Artist at Leda Art Supply


I am very honored to be a Featured Artist for Leda Art Supply. I just love their sketchbooks and use mine on a regular basis. You can not go wrong with Leda. They have the perfect size book for the art you love to make! Thank you, Gary and Leda! You made my day!

Vintage Santa ATC


Christmas ATCs and a surprise. The swap in Creative Crafty Friends called for making three of these. Today I want to walk you through the making of my favorite one. The vintage Santa. I have just been waiting for such an opportunity as this. Christmas ATCs means Christmas ephemera, papers, scraps, images, anything Christmas related… Continue Reading

The Key to Hope


ATCs. They are consuming my waking hours right now. And I love it! They are fun, easy, quick to put together and rewarding. A short amount of time yields a completed piece of artwork. And I can make them while I watch it snow out my studio window. Or watch CW. Too cold to do… Continue Reading

The Making of a King


Well that feature photo tells you absolutely nothing about this post except that it will be colorful. And if you have followed me for long . . . well, you already knew that part. Hahahaha! On this particular day I was setting out to make a King. To build a King – so to speak…. Continue Reading

Butterfly ATCs


Still making ATCs here while the cold is chilling outside. It got down to 2° F last night. Downright cold it was. Hahaha! Just as you would expect it to be. So I am staying indoors and playing. Let me show you this simple ATC I put together for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends…. Continue Reading

B is For Beach – ATC


Creative Crafty Friends is also swapping Letter B ATCs. I begin the process each time by thinking about words that begin with the assigned letter. Then I go to my ATC box, collage box and stamps and start pulling out anything interesting that begins with the correct letter. This time I found that I had… Continue Reading

Gouache and Gesso


Easy project today that every one of you can do as well. And it will look just as nice as mine – if not better. For supplies I grabbed: My medium Leda sketchbook Dina Wakley Clear Gesso Black Gesso or you could use black acrylic paint Color shaper tool – or an old credit card… Continue Reading

Keeper of the Tiles


Don’t you love that feature photo? I know I showed it to you yesterday but I am still smiling every time I look at it. Hahaha! It is perfect for me! Christine made it for me and yesterday I showed you the other art pieces she sent me but I saved one treasure for today’s… Continue Reading

Tangles and Some Sketchy


Short post today. We are having an ice storm here and the weather is abysmal. Posting short so maybe I can get this live before the power clicks out again. Never fear – we have a generator and we are good. Starting with my Getting Sketchy for last week. I am trying a new sketchbook… Continue Reading

Art Gifts


I have fabulousness to show you today! Is that a word? If it isn’t – it should be because it totally describes all I want to show you! Occasionally I have a package arrive unexpectedly in the mail and I can’t wait to rip it open and check out what is inside. The pieces of… Continue Reading