Butterfly ATCs

Still making ATCs here while the cold is chilling outside. It got down to 2° F last night. Downright cold it was. Hahaha! Just as you would expect it to be. So I am staying indoors and playing. Let me show you this simple ATC I put together for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends…. Continue Reading

A Week in Maine


Oh my word! It is cold! Hahaha! In just a week our weather has gone from fall to serious winter. This is our third winter living in Maine and we still love it – just so you know. And we are still amazed and surprised by many things we encounter. Particularly the weather. Remember green… Continue Reading

B is For Beach – ATC


Creative Crafty Friends is also swapping Letter B ATCs. I begin the process each time by thinking about words that begin with the assigned letter. Then I go to my ATC box, collage box and stamps and start pulling out anything interesting that begins with the correct letter. This time I found that I had… Continue Reading

Gouache and Gesso


Easy project today that every one of you can do as well. And it will look just as nice as mine – if not better. For supplies I grabbed: My medium Leda sketchbook Dina Wakley Clear Gesso Black Gesso or you could use black acrylic paint Color shaper tool – or an old credit card… Continue Reading

Keeper of the Tiles


Don’t you love that feature photo? I know I showed it to you yesterday but I am still smiling every time I look at it. Hahaha! It is perfect for me! Christine made it for me and yesterday I showed you the other art pieces she sent me but I saved one treasure for today’s… Continue Reading

Tangles and Some Sketchy


Short post today. We are having an ice storm here and the weather is abysmal. Posting short so maybe I can get this live before the power clicks out again. Never fear – we have a generator and we are good. Starting with my Getting Sketchy for last week. I am trying a new sketchbook… Continue Reading

Art Gifts


I have fabulousness to show you today! Is that a word? If it isn’t – it should be because it totally describes all I want to show you! Occasionally I have a package arrive unexpectedly in the mail and I can’t wait to rip it open and check out what is inside. The pieces of… Continue Reading

T is For Texture


Today I am showing you the last of a set of four ATCs I made this week. Creative Crafty Friends is trading ATCs based on the letters T and U and we make two of each. You have already seen Tree, Underwater and Unicorn. Today’s letter T is brought to you by Texture. Hahaha! Did… Continue Reading

Underwater Starts With U


Creative Crafty Friends on Facebook is still swapping ATCs. Yesterday I showed you Unicorn but I still needed one more letter U ATC. So today I worked on an underwater one. Yes, I know it looks like it should be T for Turtle, but I promise you it is U for Underwater. Hahaha! I began… Continue Reading

U is For Unicorn :)


Today I want to show you a cool new tool to work with. At least it’s new to me. I was watching a Mimi Bondi video and saw her using this and knew I needed it! And this ATC I was working on gave me the perfect opportunity! For today’s post I was making an… Continue Reading