Full Hip Replacement √


What can I say but thank you, Lord, it’s over and Mark is getting better. We left Monday for Fort Kent, Maine, where an awesome doctor named Lapinsky did a full hip replacement on Mark Tuesday morning. Yayayayay!!!! We finally have the solution!

The first thing I noticed as I drove up to the hospital was the cemetery wraps right around the hospital itself. What moron planned that???? I shot this photo from the window of the Family Waiting Room where I stayed while Mark had surgery. The lake and beyond is New Brunswick, Canada.

The surgery that was supposed to last three hours went on for five. Recovery that was supposed to last about an hour went on for two. It was a loooooong day! A wonderful nurse named Judy came out every hour and updated me. Mark’s hip had fused together and Dr. Lapinsky had a heck of a time getting all the bad cartilage out. Hence the five hours. The Chief Officer of Operations for the hospital came by to check on me. His wife is the awesome Amanda who helped get us to Dr. Lapinsky. Bless her heart, we just love her! And I think her husband is pretty awesome, too! He had the nurses bring me a tray from the kitchen and I ate every bite! I had never eaten hot beets before. We always eat them cold. They were really yummy! And that baked and crusted haddock was, too! I even had a cookie of some sort. Can’t remember. It was a super stressful day.

While I waited, I tangled this. Nurse Judy loved it! Ringz and Amigo One and Two. Fun stuff!

And I drew this. Flowers that I could draw without thinking about them. Just something to keep me busy while I waited. I was the only person in that Family Waiting Room the entire day. The only person I saw was Nurse Judy. She was so sweet. And Amanda’s husband who sent me food.

This one I drew at the house before we left for Fort Kent. I haven’t decided yet if I want to shade this or color it. Or just stick it in a folder.

And finally surgery and recovery was a done deal and I got to go check on Mark. He looks alert and awake, right? Not so much. Hahahahaha! Pretty drugged up here. And happy that the hip had been taken care of. He kept telling me thank you.

And he was still happy the next morning when he took his first walk after having the full hip replacement surgery. He walked to the door and back to the bed. Later that day therapy got Mark up again and he walked to the other end of the hall and back.

While we were there Mark’s sister Sandy sent some beautiful flowers! And a stuffed black bear and some balloons. Made Mark smile. He has a great sister!

We are home now and Mark is getting around well with the walker. I expect in the next day or two he will be swapping that walker for his cane. And probably another week or so after that he will be walking better than he has for a long time. Fort Kent’s Dr. Lapinsky and staff made our year! Thank you! And thank you to each of you who prayed for us and sent well wishes. Every single one of them helped! And were appreciated so much!

Actually, check this out. I wrote that post last night and scheduled it to post this morning. Well, this morning Mark got up and felt pretty good. He tried his cane instead of the walker and did great with it. Five days post-surgery and he was able to get himself in and out of the car and we went to Grammy’s Country Diner for breakfast. He was pretty proud of himself! What a difference this hip replacement is going to make for him!

30 thoughts on “Full Hip Replacement √

    • doesn’t he look happy and pleased with himself? hahaha! he was like – take my picture 🙂

  1. OMG!!! What a relief to have done that and be past it now!!! I’m very happy for BOTH of you! The tangling you did while waiting probably saved your sanity. 🙂 I’m keeping all good thoughts for Mark’s complete and speedy recovery. Hugs to you both …

  2. I am so glad everything went well with the operation. I hope that Mark did not have to eat his cellphone!

  3. These experiences although harrowing in their own way make you really appreciate living in these times. Beautiful write up.

  4. So glad everything worked out well! Love the cemetery placement. Probably convenient back in the day. Haha. It is so nice to have a great staff. And that dinner! OMG that does not even look like hospital food! Yum! Wishing you two well!

    • they actually fed me every meal while I was there. we aren’t used to that so it was really nice

  5. Thanks for updating us. I’m so pleased to hear it went well and Mark is already on his way to recuperation. Well done to both of you for getting through it – the waiting game is a hard one Alice, and I’m glad tangling helped fill the time a little. Hoping many days of comfort and easier movement and less anxiety are ahead of you.

    • we are already getting some better days. and I know it will just get easier and easier from here.

  6. Hi, big congrats Mark, wishing you a full speedy recovery so you can chase Alice around the house. An Alice you did 3 beautiful doodle an I especially like the one you gave to nurse Judy, she sounds like a darling. You both certainly had wonderful people at the hospital taking care both of you.
    Yes I agree with you, Cemetery design weird, perhaps its a great place to have Halloween.
    In the mean time, don’t over spoil Mark, but enjoy some nice walking weather well we still have it.
    Take care both of you. Joan from Ontario Canada up in the Great North.

    • thanks, Joan, walking is exactly what we will be doing after the doctor clears him on Thursday.

  7. So glad to hear things are well for Mark. Your story is my story. I went through exactly the same with my husband in 2014. Now it is just a distant memory. Thank you Jesus for your healing touch ♥

    • Amen. healing is coming along well, we go to the doctor in a couple days to get the staples out. and hopefully get cleared to drive 🙂

  8. Such wonderful news🎉👏💖. My sister-in-law needs a new hip and is afraid…do you mind if I share this with her. What an inspiration …Love and prayers always💝🙏

    • share it with her 🙂 we found a person where we live that had the surgery a few weeks ago and were so encouraged by how fast we saw him up and around.

  9. What a warm and wonderful account of your and Mark’s journey. Thank you for sharing and posting. ❣️

  10. He will wish he had done it sooner. I feel that way about my knees. I suffered for 30 some years!

  11. Definitely ‘Thank You Lord’ – so so good to see Mark making such an excellent recovery after that extensive surgery. So pleased you were well looked after too. Not so sure about the cemetery positioning either……….. not terribly encouraging. Love your flower compositions – very distinctively ALICE. Good to hear you so happy & Sandy sounds really lovely.

    • thanks, evy, headed to the doctor now to remove the staples. mark is doing great and we loved our doctor. he was new to that hospital and I can already see the staff there will want to work with him. they were all impressed.

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