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I just don’t feel like drawing anything today. Hahaha! Haven’t really felt like drawing much in awhile. I have to make myself sit down and do it, but today I don’t feel like it. I do have something great to show you today, though. Something fun and pretty and easy even.

I have been wanting to use more air when working with alcohol inks and I just hadn’t found anything that worked well. Hair dryers blow too much air and I don’t know anyone with an old CPAP machine. I ran across this little Tim Holtz tool in a drawer when I was looking for something else and I wondered how it would work. Here are the supplies I used for today’s project. Three colors of Brea Reese alcohol ink, some 70% isopropyl alcohol in a fineliner bottle, Tim’s Distress Marker Spritzer Tool (totally not what I’m using it for) and some sheets of Yupo paper. I have used photo paper in the old days for alcohol ink and it would probably work, too. Any glossy paper.

I began by dropping some of the blush color onto the paper and squeezed that bulb. Several times. Tim’s tool is meant to hold a marker and when you squeeze the rubber ball – because of the way you set up your marker, air is blasted along the marker tip and pushes color onto your paper. Like blow pens when our kids were little. I just used the tool to blow air gently onto the yupo paper and push the alcohol ink around.

Once I could see that it was going to work, I added a drop each of cadmium yellow and kelly green and grabbed that blow tool.

And before the color could dry I pushed the colors around with the blow tool. Squeeze, squeeze, push, push. Up to this point I just had alcohol ink and air.

I grabbed the isopropyl alcohol and squeezed out a line of it along the bottom and went back to squeezing air.

I need to make a video. I didn’t want to go to all that trouble since I didn’t even know if this would work. Yayayayay!!! It worked! Here you can see how the air is pushing the colors and making little ripples.

And I just kept pushing color until I was relatively happy.

I dropped a little more of the blush color into that area of alcohol at the bottom and I added a little more alcohol around the top of the green and pushed with the air. At this point I was just trying to find a pleasing result.

And I was getting closer. I just kept pushing color and pushing from one area into another. Looking for pretty.

I really didn’t like that dark area so I added more alcohol straight into the darkness and used the blower to move it. And hopefully to lighten.

As the color dispersed I was liking this better.

I even added a little more alcohol and repeated. I was trying to push more of the blush color outwards.

Can you see where I added a line of alcohol at the top over the green?

Adding alcohol and air, I just kept working in that fashion. Trying to achieve something I loved. And I was almost there.

It needed more pink. So I added a touch of alcohol and another drop of blush, then started working the squeeze ball on the air tool.

I was able to really push that blush/pink color a lot! Oh so pretty!

Getting so close! Wherever I used the air, it caused the color to push and form new lines of color. It is amazing to me that I used just those three initial colors and got so many variations in return.

And at this point I decided I was done. Love it – it turned out great! Want to see it dry?

As this dried the colors continued to merge a wee bit. Most notably with that green area. But that’s ok, it was my least favorite part of this anyway! Hahaha! I love how this turned out! I have been wanting to learn how to do this for so long now but didn’t have the right tool. Who knew that a marker spritzer would do the trick! I’ve had this tool for 4 – 5 years and have never used it. Not true any longer! Hahahaha! Will I tangle this? Probably not because I don’t want to mess it up! Hahahahaha! I made eleven other pieces that I will show you soon. I didn’t take a lot of photographs of those so you will probably see all of them in one post soon. Brea Reese Alcohol Inks. I really like the brilliant color I can get with them! And Tim’s spritzer – who knew!

Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer Tool
Brea Reese Alcohol Ink
Yupo Paper

11 thoughts on “Brea Reese Alcohol Ink Play

  1. I don’t know if you’ve tried this: When you use a thin straw and blow real hard right after you do a drop or two of color, it gives an effect like grass or tentacles.

  2. You crack me up!
    I love your “I wonder what will happen if I do this…” attitude! Beautiful results!!

  3. Awesome idea. I am so far from this but looks interesting.
    Just no time to take on anything else right now.
    Love your work. When the Canadian dollar comes back up will consider buying your books. Just can’t do it right now.


    • no problem, I understand about the dollar. thanks for stopping by and talking. I wish more people would comment so I know what’s going on out there. hahahaha!

  4. Definitely agree with you about the green – though I suspect you’d not have had those brown tinges without it (what am I saying??? not use green???? I LOVE green but it has to have its right place. Good idea with the air tool – seems a much better use for it than with the markers in my opinion & much more your style.

    • absolutely! I don’t know why I bought it in the first place – I’ve never used it. this is much more ‘me’ approach. I made 20 more papers yesterday trying to figure it all out. not totally happy but getting closer

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