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It is a beautiful time of year here in Maine. The grass, the fields, the woods – everything is green. Growing and blossoming and blooming. Growth and life everywhere you look. There aren’t going to be any barn shots in this post. Or potato fields, or farm equipment. Just a view from the kitchen window overlooking our front porch.

When we first moved here there was snow on the ground. But as soon as it melted, we put up this bird feeder so the Frankles could watch the birds from the kitchen window. She has never really shown any interest in them – hahahaha! – so I watch them. And Aurora keeps watch whether the birds are there or not.

Typically these little ones don’t mind us watching. And even if we go out onto the porch they only leave if we get within about 2 – 3 feet of them. We can walk past them and they don’t even flinch.

This one did notice me in the kitchen taking pictures and moved a little . . .

. . . but he soon forgot all about me.

This little guy brought a buddy along for the Hendon Buffet.

They love those big sunflower seeds. I wouldn’t have thought they could handle the size – but they can.

And then this big ol’ blue jay swooped in and scared them away. And sent the bird seed flying. We usually have it all over the porch. When the snow melted this year there was even bird seed still sitting on the ground.

And that is where this little guy comes in. He is our clean up crew. Hahahaha! I think he lives under the porch. It has gotten to the point that we look out the window before we open the door. I don’t mind him on the porch – I like him! – I just don’t want him inside the house.

I shot these pictures from the kitchen window, too. He runs when we go outside.

His favorite place to rest is on top of the baby dragon. Cell phone shot taken sideways. Sorry.

Yesterday we had a new visitor. Tiny little bird like the yellow ones. Just red. First time seeing one of these here in Maine. And he could see me, he just didn’t mind me taking his picture.

Hahaha! Didn’t slow him down at all!

This peony is blooming in my little garden right next to the porch. We think some of the little birds are nesting under some of these plants.

Under these plants. I realize there are a lot of weeds growing in there. But. I don’t know what is weed and what is keeper flowers. And I’m allergic to all of it. And we think the baby birds live under there so it is all staying. Just pretend the weeds aren’t there. The only reason the flowers are there is because they came with the house. Hahahaha! I don’t touch them so I don’t kill them. Hope your 4th was great! We had a super day. And now it’s back to art making.

18 thoughts on “On Our Front Porch

  1. I spent most of the day watching birds too! I’m not sure where they will all go now that the fireworks are going off everywhere.

  2. I love seeing the creatures that visit other people’s homes. It’s something about the familiar and yet different. The shapes of the birds are just like ones we have here in the UK, but my, the colours! A bright red bird – seriously – that’s quite incredible to me! And your squirrel – looks a lot like ours, except for the white ring around her eye – looks like she’s wearing make up!

    • the animals are different here from the ones where we used to live down south. the squirrels and raccoons are different colors. I don’t know what that red bird is but it was beautiful

  3. Love to see the wild life in Maine! I miss it! Have a good week end. It is super hot here in Ohio, so we do yard work really early. Time to mow. I love plants and such, so I don’t mind. I always think if I can work a tangle into mowing the lawn. Haha. ..until tomorrow! Thanks for your posts!

    • hahaha! I’d love to see that tangled yard! you could totally do that! kali used to draw tangles on the beach. you just need something bigger than a stick. hahaha!

  4. Thank you Alice. How nice to hear all the coming and goings at your place. Have a wonderful day ♥

  5. What is the origin/meaning of the title of the lovely tangle pattern you created, called Cee-a-Mosa? It is so relaxing and fun to draw, but I’m mystified by the name. It was featured today on the Timefortangling blog.

    • Great question. The lines remind me of the waves – the way they go up and down over one another. That’s where the ‘cee’ part came from. The rest just kind of fell in to place. I didn’t know it was featured today. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go look.

  6. Love those bird shots – I’d guess they’re finches or finch related. They’re all a little different from the UK ones. The red one reminds me of a Redpoll or Linnet, the green one must be a greenfinch, the yellow one with black cap is probably finch related or a bunting. Shall do some investigating.

    • haha! thank you so much for doing the research. I’m like . . . bird!

  7. OK – bit of detective work. Yellow one is American Goldfinch, yes green one is Greenfinch & red one is House Finch (possibly Purple Finch but I’d go for the House Finch).

    • I told mark you would figure it and tell me 🙂 I loved the little red bird – so pretty!

  8. Me again – correction, the green one which looks like a European Greenfinch, is probably the American Goldfinch female! This gets interesting – our European Jays are pink!!

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