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No. Ariel does not start with the letter P. Hahahaha! She will make more sense in a minute. For now, Beth and I decided to have our own ATC swap for the letters P and E. Today I am going to show you what I made for the letter P.

As usual, I went through my color backgrounds and found one that I thought would look good with this Pooh and Piglet piece I made. Yep, that was back in the day before my first eye surgery. I could see great for close up work then, not so much anymore. I wanted to do something special for Beth and I had been saving a few pieces I made for such a time as this. I’ll explain all that at the bottom of this post. For now I took the umbrella/river piece and ran it through my sticker machine. That puts sticky stuff on the back.

Then I fit as much of the paper pieced Pooh and Piglet on the ATC as I could fit. ATCs are 2.5″ x 3.5″ so you don’t have a lot of room to work with. I was happy I got this much on the card. I thought it was enough that I didn’t lose the integrity of the piece.

And I trimmed off the excess. I didn’t care that the umbrella handle looked chopped – I could fix that. I love Piglet’s happy little face!

I fixed that white area by inking the edges. I grunged a little ink over part of the top. Not enough to mess up the paper piecing and added some colored pencil shading.

And called this one done. Pooh and Piglet. Beth and I had agreed to trade two so I made one more.

The little girl is part of a tea set I used to make for my eBay store. I bought her already like this but made a tea set and loads of flowers to go with her. For the ATC background I found this gelli print piece I thought would look good with my little tea girl. I ran her through the sticker machine also.

I got as much of her on the card as I could fit and still have room for flowers and a stamped word.

And removed the excess. Sorry, little one! But your butt was too big. Hahahaha!

I figured two flowers would be all I could fit. This is what the smaller sticker paper looks like after you run your art through. Sticky paper on the bottom, removable plastic on the top.

I put the flowers in place and trimmed the excess. I meant to glue some jewels in the centers but forgot. Sorry, Beth!

My small alphabet stamps were the perfect size to add the word ‘pink’ for the letter P prompt. And I inked the edges. I always do this to make the edges look finished.

And done. Beth already has these ATCs and she liked them! Yayayayay!!! Now. Let me explain paper piecing to you.

Fifteen – twenty years ago I had an eBay store called Scrap Attack. I made these paper pieced items for scrapbookers to use in making their family memories. I did a lot of characters, 4-H, scouts – basically anything that was popular at the time. This Ariel is at least nine different pieces of paper that I cut from card stock and glued together. I added the faces and details with pens. The whole piece was probably about 2″ x 4″. So it was small. It would go to its new owner all ready to be stuck on a scrapbook page. The water background was not included.

The Disney cruise line had just started up and I sold a ton of these. This Captain Mickey had at least twelve different pieces. He was fun to make! About 1.5″ x 3″.

Cat in the Hat was tall! And he was one main piece with the white hat and four red pieces. The fishbowl was two pieces. Most of this was ink work and scribbles. Hahahaha! Oh, and whiskers were added!

I originally made this one for my son Jason. His favorite Disney characters were Chip and Dale. I used to know which was which but not any longer. This had at least ten different pieces.

One of my favorites! This always reminded me of the song Elmo Has New Shoes! Hahahahaha! Nine pieces and pretty forgivable.

One of the harder ones to construct. I made a ton of Goofys! At least seventeen different pieces that I glued together. I used chalk to add shading.

The Grinch was fun! Five pieces was all it took to make him. I might could still do this one as he wasn’t that complicated. I loved his little face.

Another of my favorites! Of course! I also made the Harry Potter logo to go with this piece. At least twelve pieces. I can’t even imagine how many of these I made!

I just called these Mickey and Minnie Old School. These were a little bigger. Probably about 3″ x 3″ for Minnie and 2″ x 3″ for Mickey. I did so many different Mickey and Minnies but these were my favorites.

I actually remember I sold this set for $40.00. Hahaha! I don’t remember any of the rest but this one I do. It was a hard set to make! But I loved how they came together and came to life as I glued them together!

One last one. My photo booth sets. I made boys and girls and I made them to order – depending on hairstyle and color, and clothing colors. So much fun! I wish I could still make these but they require more excellence of vision than I have at this age. Hahahaha! I’m just glad I could create them as long as I did. I had a couple hundred different designs that I made all by hand and without machines. It was so much fun! And I am glad I could share some of that history with Beth in our Letter P ATC Swap! Tomorrow? Letter E Swap!

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14 thoughts on “Letter P ATCs

  1. Great ATCs!
    I like all your characters, they are so cute and perfect.

  2. Very interesting, your characters are adorable. I can not imagine the time each took. Love your blog! Day 99

  3. Wow! So very impressed with all the characters! The acts are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sounds fascinating seeing the images come to life as you say – the piecing looks seamless too & no wonder these were in demand.

  5. I love paper piecing! I used to do them and sell on Ebay as well. I did scrapbook page layouts with coordinated colors for all kinds of occasions, but my faves were baby layouts. I did use some die cuts, but the majority were just cut out by hand. What you have done with these for your ATC swap is so much fun that I may have to look for some of my old pieces and try something like this. I have so many old scrapbook supplies and paper all over the house that it may take awhile. I love to see what new and fun thing you are doing! Thanks for all of your sharing!

    • you’re welcome, Leslie, when we moved to Maine I got rid of so much of my scrapbooking stuff that I wish I still had. have fun

  6. You are so creative, that paper piecing characters you did are just so amazing. I love cutting out paper in patterns, but my hand won’t let me anymore. I am thinking of coating them with something so I can use them as stencils, and print them. I so admire your work, so glad I found through facebook.

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