More ATCs I Received


Rules have changed within the FB ATC Trades and Jams group and these will probably be the last of my ‘official’ trades in the group. I have a couple to show you that I received this past week.

One the June trades I participated in was for the Letter F. These two ATCs came from Jennifer Marker in the state of Oklahoma. I love them both so much! The frogs and water droplets are 3-D with pop-up foam pieces underneath. So cute!

And this is the second ATC Jennifer made. That ribbon is really pretty! The flowers look like paper punches and they are such a beautiful color! Remember – ATCs are 2.5″ wide and 3.5″ tall. Jennifer packed a whole lot of awesome into a small amount of space!

Another fun June swap was washi tape. I showed you this in a post a few days back. You simply wrap the tape around a playing card. A card with a plastic surface – that way the tape removes easily when you want to use it. These came from Debbie Alderson. What a super selection! I really like all the extra punches she included for me. And the beautiful card!

Happy mail and swaps, trading bits of our hearts. It is awesome!

6 thoughts on “More ATCs I Received

  1. These are so fun looking! How would the rules change that would make it not as much fun to trade, if you dont mind my asking? If you dont want to answer that is ok. Was just wondering incase I should decide to join. Have a beautiful day!

    • now they do it based on comments on a specific post. and you trade backwards up the list. I liked when they paired you with someone and just told you who to send to. I’m sure you’d do fine. you should look into it if you are interested. i have so much happening all the time – I liked when they just told me what to do. made my life easier.

  2. I totally get why you’ll not do any more of these formal swaps, doesn’t mean you can’t do your own just for fun & put them into one of your books. I must admit the frog one made me laugh.

    • One of the other artists in the group is also In Tangle All Around. We are doing 2 swaps together for next month. i already have one set done but I canโ€™t post them here yet because she follows. So does her mom ๐Ÿค—

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