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Do you see that preview image? I love those colors and how this piece turned out! Brea Reese Alcohol Inks. I have a bunch of colors now and just wanted to see how they look on paper. Nothing fancy. Just color.

I began with these three colors – blush, orange, and cadmium yellow – and a stack of Tim Holtz alcohol ink card stock. Glossy surface. Not Yupo but similar. The sheets are 4.5″ x 5.5″ and come in a set of 20.

I didn’t want to do big projects because the fumes kill me. Major headaches. So I wanted to work small and fast. Actually these Brea Reese inks aren’t nearly as bad with the fumes as the Ranger inks. Nice discovery. Many people work in drops of three, I just make drops until I like the way they look. Hahahaha! Such a rebel. I did find it interesting the way the edges reacted. The yellow stayed in sharp edged circles. The blush and orange were unpredictable and I like that.

I added a couple more drops then used a popsicle stick to scrape the color around a bit. Just to see what would happen. I was liking the colors.

Those added drops are copper from the Ranger line. A mixative just to see what would happen. And not much happened.

So I grabbed a blending tool and put a couple drops of each color on the foam pad . . .

. . . and did some stamping on the card. I’ll show you more of that in a minute. I really liked this then. And I liked the way the copper mixative looked then, too.

And dry. The colors still blended a little and the edges are softer. Am I the only one seeing an owl in there? Hahahaha!

I liked it so much I wondered what would happen if I stamped on a clean piece of card stock with just the mixative and blush and yellow.

So I added those drops on the foam blending tool. See all that color from previous projects? I don’t worry about it too much. When I am done with the stamping process, I clean as much off on a paper towel as I can. When the foam pad gets to the point it interferes with projects – then I toss it and put a clean one on. All three colors are dropped onto the pad here.

This is what I mean by stamping. Just tap it down on the paper. Sometimes I turn the tool around and go at the paper from a different direction, sometimes I just leave it as is and keep stamping.

Until I get something I like. I thought this was cool, so I set it aside to dry. These inks don’t take long for most of it to dry. The alcohol will evaporate and leave color behind. Shiny beautiful color. And I knew these blots would still move a little. Want to see it dry?

Turned on its side, but here it is. I love it! See those little pops of the copper mixative? Just here and there?

I knew I had one more of those mixatives so I pulled it out of the drawer and added it to the pink and purple Brea Reese colors.

I expected great things from these colors and I was not disappointed. I started with the blending tool and just the pink and purple. Then stamped it all over the card stock. I loved it! So much! But I wanted to add a little of that snow cap mixative.

So I took the white mixative and just added random drops straight onto the colored card stock. Beautiful!!! And sat it aside to dry because I was afraid I would mess it up! Hahahaha! I plan on this piece being a topper for this website. One of the ones that rotate randomly.

And the colors darkened up some as that purple continued to merge. And the white mostly got lost. But I’m ok with that. This is my favorite piece from the day!

For this one I used sky and cadmium red. Just two colors. And I applied color twice. That why you see those whiteish spots. That is where I added more of the same color – either blue or red. I’ll do a video of this soon to show you more what I mean.

And I added more drops of color to cover the card stock and let the colors move and blend. Then sat it aside.

Apparently I added another drop of sky where that really dark area was in the lower left. Here it is dry. I love the transparency.

The colors for this one – kelly green, lavender and lake blue. And I blew on the green to see if it would move. It did. A little. Hahahaha! But I had way too much dark and wet so I blotted the whole piece with a paper towel. That would be what caused the texture marks. Cool.

It was still a little dark for my tastes so I spritzed some alcohol across the top of the card stock and let it drift down onto the color. It cause some awesome splotchy areas. Then I sat it aside to dry. Let me show you.

And dry. The alcohol spraying over the top really made a difference!

I hadn’t tried the olive green yet, so I combined it with the other two colors and grabbed a new sheet of paper.

And started dropping in color. I like the difference in the two greens. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I like both of them.

Then I used the blending tool with drops of just the yellow and kelly green. I chose not to cover the entire piece with the stamping technique, just parts of it. And I really like the results.

I like the way the colors pushed each other in some areas and blended in other areas. The dry version is really soft and almost transparent in the layers.

For the last piece, I brought out red, orange and rose. These colors usually work well for me in general.

I began with the white mixative and just made random drops on the card.

And I tried dropping the orange straight into the white. Hahaha! It just slid off the side. But it was worth a try.

I added drops of all three colors and I like that you can still see where the white mixative is underneath. The color reacts differently around the white.

And more color. I really love the pink!

And I even used the blending tool a bit for stamping and the paper towel for blotting.

And I sprayed the alcohol straight down onto the card stock. Not misted across the top but sprayed down onto the paper.

Then I let it dry. This is my second favorite piece of the day! The Brea Reese Alcohol Inks have some beautiful color – bright and bold. I have fourteen of them and I really like each one. They will each have their own purpose in my art making. And I can’t wait to do more things with them! I hear Brea Reese products are now available at Target. Mark and I are heading into Bangor in a couple days to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary – which was yesterday – and I think a stop at Target may be in order. I clearly love every product of hers I’ve tried so far! Tomorrow? Another alcohol ink post – but much shorter than this one.

Brea Reese Alcohol Inks
Ranger Alcohol Ink Card Stock
Ranger Blending Tool

14 thoughts on “Brea Reese Alcohol Inks

  1. I love reading all your comments and experiments of Brea Reese AI. I was out to buy my first AI and did run across these in our Michael’s and Hobby Lobby here near Pittsburgh, Pa. I thought it was cool, when looking on-line about these, that they would show you a small swatch of how the colors make-up together. I love your ideas here and hope to put some to practice very soon. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment. I happened to be in a town with a hobby lobby today and went in and spent some money on your behalf. Hahaha! So, thank you!

  2. Mesmerising images. I just wish you could do something remotely close to this on more traditional paper that could be tangled on. I fear the shiny papers would mess with my line control.

    But for the different multi-media things you do, these are perfect. And I can still enjoy the show!

    • I tangle on these regularly with no problem. You just need the right pen. I use a Copic multiliner 0.1 and I’ve gotten great results with it. You’d have to try it to decide. It may not be for everyone.

      • Interesting. I’ve got that pen so maybe I’d be okay. In one of my FB groups their using a lot of ink and Yupo – maybe in a swap I’ll ask for a bit to practice on before committing to buying the materials.

        • send me your address in FB, I’ll send you some samples to play with 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandra, we are running along right behind you and your husband 💗

  3. I too love that blue & purple one & it’s a tight choice between it & the yellowy green one for my top favourite one. We just celebrated half of the years you’ve been married, congratulations that’s really super.

    • Thanks, Evy, we went to Bangor for the day today and had a great time. Just got home and I’m so tired.

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