ATC Coins Headed to Canada


It is swap time over on Facebook in ATC Trades and Jams. Coins specifically and the only requirement – other than size – is that they have either a ribbon or a piece of metal on them. Sounded easy enough.

Coins for trade are 2.5″ in diameter. Some time ago I purchased a 2.5″ circle punch and pulled out a bunch of backgrounds I had on hand and punched up a bunch of circles. This particular piece was part of a page for the Tangle Starts book of colorful tangle backgrounds that didn’t make it into the book. I thought the tree was nice and punched that out. Of course I needed to ink the edges because I always ink the edges. It’s like Alice101 and that’s what I do. ColorBox Dyestress inks being my color-edging-preference of the moment.

And it really went darker. Scruffed up the edges with the moss and drug both colors over the surface to boost the texture.

I had these two metal pieces in my elements container. The top one is a brad which simply means it has legs that you push through the paper and fold back on either side. We used them in elementary school to make jointed paper dolls. The dreams come true piece is a charm that I shoved up underneath that metal brad.

That printemps thing is a paperclip that is just slid over the edge. Then I added more color to the edges and called this one done. Remember it is 2 1/2 inches wide. That tree was made with a stencil, the pink blossoms was a Posca paint pen.

I can tell from the color on this pink coin, that I used Tombows as a watercolor when making the background. I thought these dyestress colors would go well with the coin.

The salmon is that almost brown color. Not loving it so I didn’t use a lot of it. I did like the fruit punch and pansy colors, though and focused on those.

I used metal on the first, so I used a ribbon on the second. I had these cute little bows left over from my old scrapbooking days. Same thing with the letters. I adhered them with glue dots.

And added a couple cute buttons with the same glue dots. And called it done. These came together really quick. Probably could have done more with them but I like the simplicity.

Totally different in style. One is light, the other dark. One is cute, the other kind of spooky. Hahahahaha! One looks like a baby shower card, the other looks like something from Stranger Things. And they are both enroute to Canada where I hope the new owner loves them just as they are. Because they are enough. Hahahaha! Yep! Want to get in on some swaps? ATC Trades and Jams, click here.

Tangle Starts
Dyestress Blendable Ink
Zots Glue Dots

8 thoughts on “ATC Coins Headed to Canada

  1. So cute! I love the neat art wrapped up in a small space! Thanks for sharing! Maybe you could share what you get from your swaps.
    Thanks! Hope the snow is melting!

    • I will for sure. I shared the last ones I got. when I get these 3 sets back I will post them.

  2. Thanks for sharing….I’d heard of coins, but never saw a tutorial for them. I think the tree is lovely…It looks like a cherry blossom near a shimmery lake at dusk.

    • thanks, glad I could show you something new. and yes, it reminds me of cherry blossoms, too. <3

  3. Love the way you used the element from the Tangle Starts did-not-make-it page, that reminds me so much of a Monet type painting & who else but a tangler would describe that paperclip as Printemps!!! That’s how I’d describe it, in fact I found a brooch clip with 6 Printemps in an antiques centre today & it came home with me as the design so intrigued me. Anyhow, back to the coins – that salmon colour reminds me of the Distress Tattered Rose. Those letters & the bow really picked up on the colour perfectly. Had to smile over the Alice 101 – yes my thing was inking edges when I was stamping & when I cut out images the edges got inked so white wasn’t visible when the image had been stamped in black ink.

    • Hahaha! That’s why I Ink the edges. I don’t want the white to show. You and I are much alike in our approaches. I’d love to see a photo of the brooch you got today

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