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This post originally ran a little over 3 years ago. We are still recovering from all the doctor trips but I do have a new project planned for tomorrow. <3

Three years ago adult coloring books were all the rage! Many people still color and even more people still have these books sitting on their bookshelves taking up space. I know because I just cleared off a bookshelf today in my studio and came across this very picture I worked with a few years ago. So many adult coloring books just gives you more options and that is always a good thing. I got to thinking about ways to use the coloring books I already had in a tangled manner and this project was born. And it’s easy – even better!

Pick a coloring page that has a lot of open areas like the one above. It is a page from Selina Fenech’s book entitled Mermaids. I liked the page because of the open areas on the mermaid, the turtle and in the water. Lots of awesome white space to tangle in.

From there I took my technical pens and began tangling those open areas. I worked on the mermaid first – because mermaid! – getting into the process a little at a time. I started small by tangling her tail and from there I moved on to her hair. Tangling hair is always fun! I liked the results I was getting. I wished the paper was a little thicker but I did like how this was looking. So I moved on to the turtle and then to the waterways.

I love the finished project. I didn’t tangle everything on the page – I could have – I just tangled the major elements. The places that would naturally draw the eye.

My next step in this process would be to color it. It doesn’t need to be colored, it looks great in black and white, but it is a coloring book after all. Hahahahaha! And no, here it is three years later and I never went back and colored this piece. So. Get brave. Take a page from your favorite coloring book – or one of your kids’ – and get to tangling! It is a lot of fun! See you with a new color project tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Tangled Coloring Pages

  1. Love the texture you tangled into the turtle. The ‘bubble-like’ tangle (name eludes me) fits in ever so well & I really like the way you made ‘Tagh’ tangling from the mermaid tail.

  2. Hmmm, fun idea! I am one of those with stacks of coloring books piled on shelves!

    • hahaha! yep! I have been slowly shuffling mine down to the frankles, I do have a couple of the nicer ones still

    • thanks, it was fun, I found that book yesterday organizing the book shelf. I need to do another one

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