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2019 Artfully Inspired Life is a happening place right now. At least for me it is. Watercolors. I am most comfortable with these and that is what we used in February. And with this collage spread, my February work is done. For the most part. I expect that all year long I will go back and add tangles here and there throughout my journal. Joanne is teaching me some really cool things that I am adding into my arsenal. Hahaha! Yep!

The last lesson for February included watercolor ground, Schmincke, and collage. I was most challenged with glueing stuff down and keeping it in place. My sticker machine ran out of sticky, and my refill was a dud. So I have more on order. I reverted to my Scor Tape and it worked fairly well. And my Tombow tape runner for smaller pieces. I do love these watercolored roses I made on some scrap watercolor pieces.

Then there was this section. I love these little Dylusions Creative Dyary Die Cuts. They are so cute and work well in so many places. I forgot to add the antennae to my butterfly! Eek!!!! Gotta do that now.

I even save the catalog pictures that I think I might be able to use one day. And, hey! this one has a dragon, so of course I kept it!

These flowers were fun! I used a Tombow to do the drawing, I think I like them better with the black lines from my TWSBI fountain pen, so you may see more of those in the future.

Left side page. There is plenty of room to come back and add more tangles, or more quotes.

The right side page. I even used one of my Bamboo Mixed Media cards from Hahnemühle there on the bottom. I love it! That piece of Ukranian map (pretty sure that’s where it is from) came from a dear friend who was a missionary in the Ukraine – Coleen Franks.

So much fun! I will be doing this much more in the future. I love all the color. Of course I do! If you are interested in joining the class, it is never too late. I will add links just there at the bottom. I know Joanne would love for you to get involved in learning some new things. Now, back to book making. Thanks for being here!

Dylusions Creative Dyary Die Cuts
Joanne Sharpe
2019 Artfully Inspired Life
Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolor Ground
Scor Tape
Tombow Tape Runner
Eco TWSBI Fountain Pen
Bamboo Mixed Media Pad from Hahnemühle

20 thoughts on “Color and Collage <3

  1. Very exciting!! Gorgeous, rich colors and delightful layering! Thanks so much for sharing your assignments with us! Each time you do, I feel myself getting closer to contacting Joanne … 🙂

    • it’s coming, jan, you might as well give in. hahaha! she really is a brilliant and down-to-earth woman and instructor

  2. That was great so much to look at and think about. Yes, your collages cause one to pause and think and that is a gift. I am intrigued with the bits of Chinese newspaper you use from time to time.
    Thank you have a good day.

    • thanks Susan, I have a Korean dictionary I bought on amazon that I use from time to time. also I have a wonderful friend who sends me pages to use. her brother was recently in Japan and sent us a bunch of great papers.

  3. OMGosh Alice! What a glorious, rich post. The colors, the work ~ it’s all so beautiful. I’m not (typically) a collage person, but boy-oh-boy, you’ve sure made it look wonderfully fun!

    • this is a bit different collage working for me, but I think I’m going to start doing more color like this one has. I love it

  4. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Your work is beautiful. I am signed for class but am dreadfully far behind because of life your daily posts have kept me faithful to my self promise to start up as soon as the dust settles…love what you have done I would hope it has inspired others to sign up for her class

    • oh, elaine, I am so surprised I’m almost keeping up with the class. usually I have given up by now. hahaha! just do what you can when you can <3

    • thanks, kris, so much fun! this would be awesome ‘art’ for home school stuff. high school art credit 🙂

    • thanks, carol, I’m having a great time with this class. and I’m using one of your book for my practice stuff. which I’m keeping all of. hahahah!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Alice. I love this and all that fantastic color and decorative talent you have
    Just lovely

  6. I signed up because of the beautiful work I have seen you do! Now I have to decide if I should start at the beginning or jump in to the March section! Love this!! The sprinkling of dragons is so you!!! 💕

    • haha! well, January was acrylic which I did to enjoy – but I did it. February was watercolor which I love. I haven’t looked at march enough to know what it is. but. the classes never go away so you can always do the first ones later

  7. I can see you’ve really taken to these loosey goosey flowers & they look excellent with the way you’ve collaged everything, my favourite part is where you’ve drawn small roses in plain black on white & then topped that with the brilliantly colourful larger roses.

    • that is a section I really like, too, I have to tell you though – I didn’t draw those little black roses. that is a piece of scrapbook paper with the roses already printed on it <3

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