Schmincke and Hahnemühle


My favorite brand of watercolors hands down is Schmincke. True, I haven’t tried every brand out there, but for what I do and the ones I’ve tried – you just can’t beat Schmincke. And when you pair them with Hahnemühle papers – nothing is prettier!

I began with a Bamboo Mixed Media tile from Hahnemühle. This particular one is just a smidge over 3″ x 4″ and comes ten sheets to the pad. At 125 lb weight, they can handle a decent amount of wet product. I began by spraying water on the tile and painting some of the May Green into the water. Then I just let it spread and do its thing. I am great believer in letting color do its own thing and watching. Some beautiful things can happen.

I love these professional grade Schminckes so much I actually have three tins full of them. 🙂 Around the edges I added some Scarlet Red. I didn’t really know what would happen in those places where red and green met – I don’t use red very often. I was not unhappy with what I saw happening, I really liked that red line across the bottom weaving its way through the green.

Unfortunately I had an attack of not paying attention and blotted that coolness right off the tile. Eek!

As this paper dried, the green sort of repelled the red and pushed some of it right off that lower corner onto the paper towel underneath. I still really love those red and green edges and think this will be a fun tile to tangle!

On the second tile, I used the same technique and to the may green I added some Phthalo Green. A sort of teal/turquoise shade. Then I sat it aside for the colors to blend and to dry.

I like how it dried. The colors softened and I got that really nice bloom along the left hand side. Really beautiful! This is so going to be an underwater scene with nebula, and anemone, and maybe even an airways or a coral. I’ll show you when I get it done. In my spare time. Hahahaha!

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Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media Pads can be found here and here.
Hahnemühle is here.
Schmincke Watercolors can be found at Wet Paint Art.

4 thoughts on “Schmincke and Hahnemühle

  1. Schmincke is a great brand of watercolor. I need to pull mine out, it’s been too long since I used them. Can’t wait to see what you tangle on these tiles!

  2. Oh I do love that second one, the Schmincke really do seem amazing (especially after working with the acrylics) & it’s quite astonishing what a difference the quality makes. I was surprised your red & green didn’t make more brown love the way it dried. I too can see an underwater scene with the second one, especially with the tangles you mentioned.

    • me, too! mud is not fun! I’ll show you the other one once I tangle it. after the ebook gets done probably

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