Another Storm Coming


Snow? Yes, we have some. This cemetery is about 1/4 mile from our house, on the same road we live on. One thing different about cemeteries in Maine from what I am used to is the size of the stones. Many such places down south require flat-to-the-ground headstones to make cutting the grass easier. If there are vases on the headstones, you must be able to turn them upside down and slide them down into the ground. When we first moved here, we noticed there were graveyards everywhere. Seriously. Small, large, easy to get to, well kept up and not. They are everywhere. The cemetery used in Stephen King’s movie Pet Cemetery is on our road, too. We are almost famous. Hahaha! The head stones, though, for the most part are tall. In this photo, you can see why. You may not be able to get to your loved one’s resting place, but you may still be able to see it from the roadway. If the snow doesn’t get much deeper. And with that statement in mind, the weather report is predicting up to 21 inches of snow falling over the next two days. Lovely.

And we are just starting to be able to see Doug a little from the front. Sorry for the dirt in the photo. Doug just gets no respect. Hahaha! The snow plows put down dirt on the roads for traction and that dirt goes everywhere. For now I can see the top of Doug’s head. I expect that to disappear in the next couple days.

I don’t think I’ve shown you this guy. The Frankles named this one Dragon! He hangs right next to the front door at eye level. Hahahaha! He’s about 18 inches long. He is kind of a surprise for unexpected callers.

For several days we have heard little scurrying sounds on the front porch when we go outside. A couple days ago we discovered why. This little red squirrel is apparently living in our trash bin for the winter. I’m glad the trash is Mark’s job. Hahahaha! Yesterday, I saw this little guy scoot off the far end of the porch and shoot underneath a huge snow bank. Must have a little area under there where he feels safe.

I was worried about him starving over the winter, then we saw this. This would be a chunk of pork that went out in the trash. So at least we know he won’t starve. And his coat is really fluffed up, so he is probably warm, too. Hope he read the weather report and stays somewhere safe. Tomorrow’s post will be back to art. If we still have internet. <3

18 thoughts on “Another Storm Coming

  1. Thanks for the update and pictures! Stay warm and safe! The grave yard thing is neat. I know it is different. When my Grandmother past ( who lived in Rumford ME), we had the funeral in December, but they could not bury her till spring because the ground was frozen solid! Thought that was really weird when I was younger!

    • trust me, that is still really weird. one of our friends here had that happen last winter. mark and I are all for cremation

  2. I just can’t imagine! It’s beautiful, and I love the way that snow seems to absorb sound, so it’s always so quiet. But geesh, enough snow now! Stay safe!

    • I totally agree. we have so much you can’t even really play in it. and isn’t that the real reason for snow anyway? to play?

  3. Yes winter is hard on our woodland creators, an I try to leave some healthy food out, unfortunately its hard when one lives in an Apartment. Our winter’s too have been simply crazy this year an I pray that it will soon end an the sun will shine more often than a few days a month. You have beautiful photo’s an I adore your dragon door knocker. Stay warm an have a wonderful week.

    • thanks,joan, we don’t intentionally leave food out because we also have a coyote that walks around the yard at nighttime. we’d like to find him once during the day so we could take care of that problem.

  4. I love that dragon!!! But you can keep the snow. I’ll take the Florida sunshine.

  5. Maine is on my bucket list, but probably not in the winter!!! I don’t miss driving in the snow. Not that I live in lower Alabama the whole city shuts down if white fluffy stuff falls from the sky. Love the pics you post and the creatures real and not!

    • haha! thanks! we moved here from Florida so it was a bit of a learning curve for mark. I grew up in Newfoundland where we had similar weather.

  6. Keep safe. Well that little chap certainly ‘knows which side his bread is buttered on’ – no wonder he’s taken up residence in your trash can. We have little creatures too that like to investigate what we call ‘rubbish bins’ (amazing how different our terminology sometimes) & we have to have ‘gull proof sacks’ if we just put rubbish bags out. We use black bins with lids & weight the bottom with bricks. The gulls will even snatch food from a person’s hand in the town sometimes so it’s a matter of being careful – the Herring Gulls are really big.

  7. I worry about you surrounded by all that snow! I hope the weather report is wrong (as in less snowfall) and that this is the last storm for the year!

    • yes, for sure. we have enough snow. thankfully we have the snow plow to push it out of the way. our kids are having a tough time. they have the space of one car only. too much snow is really going to mess them up.

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