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You may be asking yourself what is Getting Sketchy!? If you are a member of Tangle All Around you already know what it is. But in case you are not, let me explain and show you.

I admin a Facebook group called Tangle All Around. Each Saturday I give them prompts to work on in the upcoming week. Prompts and ideas that will help grow their tangling skills. Or for a beginner – to get them started. One of the ideas that has been most popular is Getting Sketchy! Many of us work in sketchbooks or journals, others work in notebooks or on paper. Anything is fine. I just want them to practice. That is what this page above is. A practice page from my own sketchbook. I took a new-to-me pattern and worked on learning it. The pencil line notes are to help me remember to start this particular one that way. I should be able to remember, I didn’t realize I wrote that down three times! Hahahaha! I do love this pattern and hope to keep working and honing till I love it even more! It is from my dear friend Sandy Hunter. It is fun and you should give it a go! And you can because in my sketchbook I usually show all the steps. Cause I forget sometimes.

Our practice sketchbooks are an invaluable resource as we tangle. We can refer back to favorite patterns or to ones we want to keep working on. Some of the members add stickers or washi tape or even watercolor to brighten up their pages. Me? I just stick to boring red and black ink. Hahahaha! It is a personal preference. I do suggest they add the name of the designer, along with the name of the pattern. It is always a good thing to know both.

Need a place to learn more about tangling? To talk with other tanglers? Ask questions? Head on over to Facebook and check out Tangle All Around. I’d love to welcome you there! And you can join us with Getting Sketchy!

8 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy!

  1. Good column. This just begets the opportunity to say how very much I appreciate you and the Facebook group. I have learned a great deal.

    • you are welcome, I am glad you are learning – that is why I do all that I do. to help people learn. it is my way of teaching – I don’t so much enjoy the one on one in person teaching. this is more my comfort zone. <3

  2. Alice, this is so much fun. I love the first sketch you did, is that tangle called Yepsen? I couldn’t find the original deconstruction by Sandy Hunter, but I’m going to try it anyway because it is lovely. Thanks for posting!

    • it is indeed called Yepsen. sandy doesn’t have it on her site yet but she is hoping to soon. she said I could post it – I checked first 🙂 to go ahead and play with it. I’m sure she’d love your thoughts on Yepsen.

  3. It’s such a lovely challenge to just work on some tangle & then share what went wrong or right. Sketchbooks really become works of reference & are so integral to an artist or tangler’s mind. Fascinating Yepsen tangle & it’s helpful to see the pencil lines can act as guides. The shading looks a wonder on that tangle too.

    • sandy was hoping to do a big release of Yepsen seen. she will show a bunch of different ways to use it – she does such beautiful and unique work!

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