Dry Technique With Inkredible Inks from Jane Davenport


It took a lot of work to reach this point of doneness – hahaha! – with this piece of watercolor ink art. A couple days ago, I walked you through two projects with Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks using an ink into water technique. The results were wonderful! Let’s see what happens if we ditch the water and use the color straight onto dry paper.

If you remember, I was using a 2.5″ x 3.75″ piece of Stonehenge Aqua Hot Pressed watercolor paper. From Jane’s line of Inkredible Ink colors I used lemon sherbet, mermaid tail and hydrangea and just placed random drops of color onto my tile. I did not prep the paper in any way, I did not add water. I just used the eye droppers in each bottle to make random dots of color. And waited.

And absolutely nothing happened. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. I even blew on the drops and they just sat there and stared at me. So I took my spray bottle of water and blasted one of the mermaid tail spots. And boom! It slammed into the lemon sherbet and they started mixing. (Social interaction. Ain’t it great?) And in case you are wondering, I am tired and feeling a wee bit silly.

Did I say I ‘blasted’ that spot? Well it worked so well, I blasted the whole piece. With loads of water and let the water and color swirl all over that tile. So much for working on dry paper! Where is the fun in that?????

And I decided I actually had too much wet! I’m not sure I’ve ever said that before. So I used a tissue and blotted up areas where there was just too much wet. Cause you can never have too much color! It has to be too much water! And when I removed some of that wetness, I immediately saw . . . spots. Ugh. Look at that photo. You can see where I originally put the drops of mermaid tail and hydrangea! If you recall from an earlier post I talked about what a great play date Lemon Sherbet is. She doesn’t care who comes to the party, she is willing to get along and be beautiful. Yep, I’m so tired. Surprised my spelling is working so well as it is.

I blotted a bit more and pulled out the old heat tool! One of the best things in my studio is my heat gun. Yep. And I started drying this tile and more spots appeared. Wow! But still no lemon sherbet drops.

I’m thinking maybe Lemon played a little too well and lost part of herself. That would be sad. So I added more. Like a bunch. A whole eye dropper full. Mostly that was by accident but I liked it, so it’s ok.

I let the lemon sit and blend a bit but between lemon and the hydrangea, they turned mostly into mermaid tail. I swear I think Jane made the color mermaid tail by mixing equal parts of hydrangea and lemon sherbet because it perfectly matched! And the integrity of the yellow weakened. Boooooooo!!!!

So I blasted it with some limeade – the green color in the Inkredible line. A big drop from the dropper and since everything was wet again – I just let it sit for a few seconds and mingle.

Then I blotted up the excess. And in spite of the obvious spots – I really like the way this tile turned out! And in the process I created several puddles of color on my craft mat. You know what came next. Right?

I scrubbed the backside of that puppy (that’s a phrase my Dad taught me 🙂 ) all through the puddles on the mat and this is what happened.

I scrubbed a little more to fill in with more of that lovely lemon sherbet. And then I stopped and dried both sides really well. With my handy dandy heat gun tool thingy! Yep! Hahahahaha! I am fine. Honest. Just sleepy. I don’t usually blog at nighttime because my nighttime medicines make me so sleepy. Sorry.  So let’s look and see how the tile turned out once dry.

Here is the front. And it is weird that it is all green and yellow. No trace of the hydrangea to be found. Or really any of the mermaid tail to be found either. And I am OK with that. Look at the center near the top, and the middle to the right and lower right corner – see those speckled yellow flecks? I have no idea how I did that but I love them! Hope I can make that happen again one day.

And here is the back side. I really like this lemon sherbet a whole bunch! And I like that when I tap the tile into leftover color already on the mat – I have no idea how it will turn out. Random bits of color pop in here and there and it is really fun to see what happens.

So that whole dry technique with these Inkredible Inks. Totally did not work the way I tried them. I think they would work wonderfully well if I put them into an empty water brush and painted with them that way. I’ll have to work on that, too. In my spare time. You know – cause I have so much of that! Right? Hahahahaha!

And hey! If you are a member of Tangle All Around on Facebook, remember I am asking for your original tangle pattern designs. Ones that you have made yourself. Not someone else’s. I’d like to use them in an upcoming ebook if you will permit me to. My email is kenoly2000@hotmail.com and I’d love to see what you do. Talk more tomorrow! Thanks for being here!

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6 thoughts on “Dry Technique With Inkredible Inks from Jane Davenport

  1. OK, you made me snort my coffe because I was laughing so much! As usual, I love your inky, wet colors! You slay me!

    • oh good, I thought about deleting the whole thing but it was honest and real. hahahahahaha! thank you <3 you made me smile and I read your comment to mark

    • hahaha! yep! absolutely! and I don’t mind sharing it here with everyone. I was laughing all the way through that project. nothing worked like I thought it would

  2. These are quite stunning – the yellow & green such fun, looking forward to seeing what you get up to with your pen on these two surfaces……..

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