Carol Boss, You’re the Best!


Carol Boss, Marketing Services Manager for Hahnemühle USA, you are the absolute best! Most of you have been reading, and are familiar with, my product review posts for Hahnemühle. I know that many of you are now using Hahnemühle product because of those reviews. Well, there are actually four of us reviewers that have become close friends and we wanted to do something awesome and incredible for Carol’s Christmas this year!

Above is a video that Jennifer McLean made showing what we did. The project turned out super great and we made Carol cry! It was amazing! Hahahaha! I love to make people cry – in a good way. A little late for Christmas due to the huge postal strike in Canada, but that was ok. It all worked out in time.

This the video I made showing my work for Carol’s gift. If you watched the first video, you already know we each made three pieces of art indicative of the art we create and something we thought Carol would like. Once we completed out artwork, we mailed everything to Jennifer who built the book.

This is Sandra’s video. I love her animals! Jennifer does beautiful flowers, and fruit, and teas. Hmmm, beauty, food and drinks – life objects. Tonya’s art showcased where she lives and her beautiful landscape watercolors. The four of us are totally different in style, different in our topics of interest, different in the way we use Carol’s products. And we all four think Carol is amazing!

Why do I think she’s amazing? She took me onto the ‘team’ without knowing a thing about me other than I came recommended by Sandra and Jennifer. My art style is very different from anyone else on the team. Carol trusts me to put the Hahnemühle products through the ropes and to give it an honest review. She has sent me product every single time I’ve ever asked for it. She continues to bless my Facebook group with awesome giveaway items. So many people who can not afford product – now have it because of Carol. So many tanglers in other countries that don’t have access or funds to purchase product – now have it thanks to Carol. She has helped me create so much excitement in my group – I could never thank her enough.

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper, covered with acetate and attached with brads.

Watercolor sunset over Bar Harbor, Maine. Brayered on acrylics in the background.
Painted with Schmincke watercolors, outlined with a Glaze Gelly Roll.

Dylusions Ink Sprays for color and tangled using various Technical Drawing Pens.
Gold and white gelly rolls for highlights and accents.

Carol, we love you! We are so thankful for you! And I totally think you are the absolute best! And now you have proof! <3 <3 <3

16 thoughts on “Carol Boss, You’re the Best!

  1. Such a sweet gift from all of you! I absolutely love each of your pieces and they so perfectly illustrate who you are as an artist!

  2. This is truly a labor of love. The pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. You ladies are fabulous! Kind in heart, smart and creative!

  3. Everyone’s art work is beautiful. I use many Hahnemuhle products because of all four of you recommending them. Right now my favorite is the small bamboo paper pad.

    • this is what I like to hear, Nancy! Hahnemühle has some excellent products. glad you are using them – and that Bamboo mini pad is probably my favorite, as well

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! All of you are amazing women and it’s an honor and a pleasure to work with you and have you as my friends.

  5. Spectacular art!!! What a tremendous gift. As a tangler, Alice, I am SO enamored with the first & third pieces you created. The COLOR as well as the fabulous tangling – simply stunning!!! Wow …

    • thank you, jan! I appreciate your comments about the tangled pieces. I find myself comparing my work with the other artists – I know I shouldn’t but it is hard to remember. haha! the struggle is real. and color is my middle name – or it should be. thanks for stopping by <3

  6. Alcohol ink on Yupo paper is stunning an Watercolor sunset over Bar Harbor, Maine, is wonderful.
    Alice i enjoy your art an Carol is one lucky lady. Thank you for the enjoyment .

    • you are welcome, Joan, I’m glad you enjoyed the art. and as fas as Carol is concerned – we think we are the lucky ones 🙂

  7. Your tangle style is so distinctive & the way you combine it with colour just as unique. Your blog was one of the first I discovered once I began to tangle & I can clearly remember you being in the middle of a hurricane (or some such storm) a few days before or after your CZT training. I’d never have heard of Hahnemuhle but for you as I don’t see it anywhere for sale. You are all such different artists in your own right & handle the products in your own ways. This was a really lovely thing to do for Carol.

    • carol has been super to us. we wanted to do something special and I think we achieved that. yes, hurricanes – just another thing I don’t miss from the south. that and forest fires. I’ll deal with the snow, thank you hahaha!

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