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Remember that Facebook group I told you about called ATC Trades and Jams? Well they just ran a Letter S ATC Swap and I participated. Just sent my two ATCs off on their way to Michigan this morning. And they were so much fun to make!

I pulled a bunch of supplies together and I totally forgot to take photos at the beginning, so let me tell you what happened. I have a stack of old gelli plate pulls from projects that didn’t work. Hahaha! Yes, I have loads of projects that don’t work the way I think they should! I pulled out two of the papers that I thought might work well with the themes I decided on. The first one I wanted to work on – I decided on sundae!  Because I actually have a small stamp of an ice cream sundae and I knew it would fit on the 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATC I would cut out. So I found a gelli plate pull that reminded me of ice cream colors, cut out a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece and found a stamp and ink color and got busy.

I worked over a piece of scrap paper because the stamp was larger than my background. The pink color is one of the new ink colors and pads in the ColorBox Dyestress line – Fruit Punch. Perfect! Reminds me of an ice cream shop in Gainesville, Florida, already! Now if I could just remember the name of the place. It was over by Thornbrooke in the northwest part of town.

Here you can see the other gelli plate pull I decided on. It didn’t have the gears stamped on it to start with. I added those, and I also stamped images for the ice cream sundae and two little steampunk-ish birds.

Here are some of the other elements I pulled out of various drawers to start building my two ATCs. Never throw anything away. You never know when you will want to use it. Life lessons from Alice are free here.

And I proceeded to color my images with Copic markers. Sorry about the blurriness of the shot. Just now noticing that and the little ATCs have already flown the coop. Hahahaha!

But before elements – I worked on placement. I hadn’t originally thought to use both birds. I thought one would be a backup in case the other was awful. Hahahaha! But I actually had room to use both. Happy! And isn’t that background on the left perfect for the ice cream sundae?  You may notice I added a little glitter gel pen touches to the sundae and to the birds.

So, let’s build the steampunk ATC first. Here are all the elements I found to use. Not very many but that works out ok because the birds will take up so much of the space.

From the selection, I opted to use half of the compass sticker on that lower section and my birds. That is all. Difficult to see here, but I used a sparkly clear gel pen to line the circles and spokes of a few of those gears. I added screws to the bird wings to make them more steampunk-y, and some glaze black gel pen to add a little dimension.

After glueing everything in place, I used another ColorBox Dyestress ink pad – this time Cattail – and inked around the edges of the ATC and scrubbed it a bit over the surface of the card and birds. Just enough to grunge this piece up. And that was that. I love it! If you are new to ATCs, just remember these are small pieces of art. Not nearly as large as what you may be seeing on your screen.

Moving on to the sundae piece, here are the elements I chose. I had a small leftover scrap of a gelli pull paper – its right there under the base of the sundae cup – that I loved! and thought it looked kind of ice cream-y! Add a couple possible stickers and some words I printed out here in my studio and I was ready to go!

I love the border across the bottom! It came from an old scrapbook page I had kept and it was perfect here! Reminds me of the white stools in the ice cream shop. And it wouldn’t be a very good ice cream shop if they didn’t ask if you wanted nuts or not. Hahahaha! I used a ColorBox Dyestress ink called Citronella around the edges of the word paper, glued it to the cute gelli piece I saved, and inked those edges with the Fruit Punch. Glued it in place and lobbed off the corners! I was loving this ATC already!

I had half a circle sticker that reminded me of the wood colors down in the Keys, so I added that to the right side, then adhered my sundae in place – after I fussy cut it out. Notice the glitter pen sparkles on the ice cream. There is a lot of sparkles in the leaves and on the cup, too, but you totally can’t see that in this photo. I’ve never had much luck photographing sparkle.

The only thing left to do was to rub that Fruit Punch ink pad along the edges and over parts of the surface and I was done! I totally forgot to put my chop on the face of either of these ATCs. Oh well. Too late now. Hahahahaha!

Side by side, two ATCs for the Letter S Swap. On their way to Michigan with a bunch of little scraps and pieces of color to maybe inspire the next person. If you are interested in swaps and ATCs, you could check out the Facebook group ATC Trades and Jams. And if you want a place to tangle, check out Tangle All Around. We are an active, friendly, helpful, non-threatening kind of group. We could be just what you are looking for!

18 thoughts on “ATCs For the Letter S

    • I am so glad to hear that. it is my hope with each post I make to inspire someone <3

    • thanks, kris, I know you probably saw these on instagram before you saw them here. guess I should probably reverse that order in the future. hahaha!

    • thank you, Karen, it is so good to hear from you 🙂 you should try these! they are fun to create

    • you are welcome, I hope you may be inspired to try one for yourself – they are really fun!

  1. Look great fun & I’m reminded how much I enjoyed ATCs. Love the way you combined all the colours to reflect the theme of each one too. That Sundae one is a real treat with those bright boiled sweet colours & the circular patterning of the Gelli pull. Thanks for the description of the process, absolutely fascinating hearing how you work things through.

    • thanks, Evy! I keep thinking I won’t do another ATC swap, then I do it anyway. haha! the joy is in gifting them to someone else <3

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