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Joanne Sharpe has a year long online class she is currently teaching called Artfully Inspired Life. This is the first year I am participating. I’ve signed up for the class two other years but life happened. Hopefully this time I will be able to keep up and carry through.

And so far I have started. Hahaha! That’s saying a lot for me! On the first page of our journal we included a piece of Joanne’s artwork for the class logo and we were supposed to tangle or doodle our name. Yeah, I’m so not about the doodle. But I did go with my first letter and decided to embed it. I started with a pencil line – hey! it’s on the first page – and sketched out an A, then went over it with a permanent black pen. And thickened the lines up a bunch.

First step in embedding letters is to aura the thickened letter. That would be that line that ‘outlines’ the A. To that I added a few little fescue and flux. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. Each step makes it look better and better.

Next step is to aura – or outline – around the letter and all the little doodads you added. That’s highly technical tangle talk.

Round those corners – fill them with black ink. Anywhere there is a curve or squared off area where you can add a little black fill – do that.

Aura the whole thing again. If you still have little curves or squares – round those now.

You can aura and add elements as much as you want. For this particular piece, I didn’t have a lot of room so I called it done. Then shade your embedded letter. Shading will help camouflage some of those less than perfect places.

And this is my first page in my journal. That artwork at the top is not mine. It is the logo Joanne Sharpe made for this class. Those awesome stickers came from Jet Pens. I have a big roll of them and I love them! Just the right amount of pizazz! Now, onto what I am supposed to do next.

The information for Joanne’s class can be found here:
Artfully Inspired Life, 2019

8 thoughts on “Artfully Inspired Embedded Letter

    • thanks, Sandra, I have to be careful not to give away what we pay for but Joanne said we could post photos – so I will 🙂

  1. Love that embedded letter – another lovely tutorial on how to go about it too. I’d not really picked up on the rounding trick but won’t forget now. Hope you manage to keep up with the class despite what’s going on around you. I still don’t know how you juggle everything, (do you ever sleep??) And………I’m finally caught up with your posts!!

    • haha! I do sleep but I wake up ready to roll. seems I never catch up but I am always thinking ahead. you guys are going to be seeing a lot of this class as posts here . hahaha!

  2. Hi Alice…
    Snowbound can be good for art!!!
    I saw you are doing Joanne Sharpe’s Artfully Inspired Life this year…it is very fun and she teaches in a very approachable way. I just finished January and loved the lessons!! For someone like you who loves color it is doing what you love…for someone like me who loves black and white it stretches me way out of my comfort zone!!
    As an FYI Joanne will be coming to West Hartford CT in October for a Sunday to Wednesday retreat at the Monastery Gallery of Art. She came this past September and it was an artful, fun filled time. The dates are October 20-23rd. The info is not yet up on the Gallery website…but it will be and the price is all inclusive-her fee, room, meals, snacks etc. The Gallery is located at Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford!! You can see the place and take a tour on their website!
    Wanted you to know in case you are inspired to come and see her in person!!
    PS…love your new site and the daily posts!!! Such great tutorials and ideas!!

    • oh wow! I’d love to come! I’ll check it out and hope you might remember to remind me. hahaha! seriously, I’ll write it on my calendar and I expect she will send us all emails. I have to tell you this whole cloud page was really hard for me. but I know it’s about pushing through your non-comfort zone and steady heading on. hahahaha! now I’m ready to add doors. I think. hopefully today. thank you for commenting and letting me know about the class. yay!!!!! and yay for our online friends!!!! <3

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