Finishing Some Projects #hahnemühle

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Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Grey Book, Altenew watercolors and sharpie
Yesterday was a day for finishing up projects.
Above you see a page in my
(yes, those pages are grey in color)
that I covered with Altenew Watercolors
using a simple flat brush. 
Just a little color blocking.
Once it was dry, I used the same flat brush and
made rings of petals.
Yesterday I went back in with a straight up
black Sharpie and added everything you see
in black. And popped in some white gelly roll 
details to complete the page.
Super simple but fun. 
Through Instagram I have already had a
video request to show how to do this page.
That will be coming soon.
That and a video showing how I draw
my printemps. 
And I might add that even though I used a straight up Sharpie – 
it did not bleed through this 55 lb. paper. 
I honestly don’t think my layer of watercolor
stopped that, so it had to be the paper. 
Alice Hendon, dylusions ink spray base completed with some of my original tangle patterns
This piece has been a thorn in my side for several years.
It started off about 12″ x 20″.
Somewhere in that ballpark.
I did the Dylusions Ink Sprays first and started
tangling the page.
A little at a time.
And I pretty much always hated the way it looked.
So I would stick it back on the shelf and do
something else. 
Then one day I would pull it out and do something else.
And still hate it.
A couple days ago I figured I’d give it one more go.
As I looked at it yesterday I realized there was one
section I actually liked.
It was all the rest that I didn’t like.
So I got out my paper cutter and lobbed off
this section (about 8″ x 10″) 
and chucked the rest into the trash!
Take that non-zenful stuff that I drew!
And then I completed this portion and kept it.
And now I love it!
Let’s see. Tangles that I kept:
fiore (gotta love fiore!), blooming butter,
loads of tipple and printemps,
my own airways and a new one I am totally
going to call anemone. 
And boom!
Done and in love!
And it only took me about 4 years.
Not even kidding. 
Today I am working on the new I Dare You!
prompt from my FB group
We are taking our very first zentangle tile we
ever made
and are recreating it now that we have a little
experience under our belts.
Stay tuned.
That will be tomorrow’s post.
Want to join us in a very active,
inspirational and encouraging tangling group?
Click here to see what it’s all about.

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