Number One! Thank you! Tangle Starts Strings!


Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Tangle Starts Strings! You made it possible for my book to rise to #1 on the Amazon Hot New Release list! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  #1 on the Hot New Release list is a really big deal and I appreciate each of you so much!… Continue Reading

Review of Tangle Starts Strings


 Thank you to everyone who has already  purchased a copy of my new book Tangle Starts Strings! We are sitting at #2 (still) on the  hot new release list and it’s amazing! UPDATE: as of last night we are  #1 on the hot new book release list! Here is the back of the book with a brief explanation… Continue Reading

Days 37 – 43 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply


 This past week has seen me working hard on getting my book  Tangle Starts Strings published. Day 37 actually appears in the book as part of the explanation for shading tangled art. Tangles are golden (mine,) Meer and footlites.  Day 38 is also in the book as artwork for my pattern called line dance.   Day 39 features Footlites, a… Continue Reading

Days 32 – 36 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply


 We start this post with day #32. In The 100 Day Project. Creating a piece of art every day for 100 days. I had a heck of a headache on day 32 and  when I have a headache drawing lines seems to help.  Lots of lines, one after the other,  no thought process. Just draw. This is a version… Continue Reading

On to the Next Thing


What a lot of fun tangle art I have for you today! All these pieces were created for a book that never quite happened. So you get to be the joyful (I hope) recipient of this awesomeness today. Free. You don’t even have to buy a book! Hahaha! The above tile uses the tangle patterns windfleur and… Continue Reading

Line Dance Tangle Pattern


Many of you will already recognize this tangle pattern of mine called Line Dance. I detailed the steps to this pattern all the way back in 2015, when it was published in a book in December of that year.  This was a sketch I did when we were putting the book together. It was an idea for… Continue Reading

Days 29 – 31 of The 100 Day Project


Around the World Through Art is happening now over at Olga Furman’s blog. Here is a brief description taken straight from her wall: Did you ever dream about traveling all around the world, but didn’t have a chance to do it yet? Or maybe you did travel, but miss it already? We are inviting you to… Continue Reading