Bubble Love Meets Narwal

 Here is another fun piece of art!
I loved creating this!
It features the tangles:
narwal (one of my all time favorites,)
 I began by tangling the art on a sheet of ivory
Stonehenge 8″ x 8″, 90 lb. weight.
 I wanted to be able to show this piece in shaded
format as well as colored, so I made a copy
on card stock and shaded the copy.
I really like the shaded version and the depth it has . . .
. . . but color really sings to me.
I used copic sketch markers to add color.
All the shading is done with copics.
Narwal and bubble love are not tangles I would
normally choose to go together,
but I am very happy with the way this
piece of art turned out.
What are you working on today?
I will be posting a new project in my Facebook group
tomorrow for Inktober.
Why don’t you drop in and join us.
Just knock on the door and I’ll let you in.

11 thoughts on “Bubble Love Meets Narwal

  1. Meant to say I love seeing the difference between the greyscale shading & the comics – striking difference & I have to say I go for the colour much to my surprise.

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