In a Swirling Tide

Lately I feel like my life is a swirling tide.
A lot of changes going on here in the house,
combining the content of two rooms into one,
making a bedroom for the Frankles.
Taking care of issues for my mother,
trying to figure out how to get out of town for a few days,
making plans for our big trip to Newfoundland
in two months,
just a lot needing to be done.
And I’m tired.
 At night, I sit on my chaise and draw.
Lately I’ve been re-watching the re-runs of M*A*S*H.
That whole team was so funny!
And even though I’ve seen the shows over and over
throughout the years,
I still laugh. Sometimes laugh really hard.
And chuckle.
 Then I recall that my dad fought in the ‘Korean Conflict.’
Never understood why he called it that,
but they call it that in the show, too.
And I see the conditions he fought under,
and I thank God that he was never wounded.
(Although the patients at the 4077 have a 97.8%
chance of survival once they reach the M*A*S*H unit.
Learned that last night.)
And since Hawkeye wasn’t really in Korea,
I’m thankful Dad was safe.
 So with this piece, I used my Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbook
and just started by placing random black circles in a big wad –
central of the paper.
Then I start connecting them with 4 swirling lines.
Next came the black and white contrasting fill-in sections.
Then the printemps and the flux . . .
 . . . then the Prismacolor pencils.
They give some really nice colors, go down smoothly,
and blend really well.

As for the swirling tide that is my life –

I am starting to see some relief.

The studio reorganization is coming along nicely.


(I guess I should have taken some measurements

before I got too far along in the process.

But things will work out.)

Now, if my new Dylusions Paints get here tomorrow as planned,

I will be ready to head to Orlando in a few days,

to relax, draw, and paint

in a Disney hotel for awhile.

And eat ice cream and jelly bellies.

Can’t wait!

I need a break from the swirling tide.

5 thoughts on “In a Swirling Tide

  1. What can I say, Alice, but that your work is beautiful, as always. Enjoy your time away and make sure you get both fun and rest. I look forward to seeing your art work when you return…….Linda E.

  2. Thank you for describing the process with accompanying photos. I love the way those mauve & aqua 4-line bands come forward from the black & white striping. The green Tipple amongst Printemps really pops too. Take care of yourself & thank you for reminding me of the hardships of our forebears – Dad did Nation Service in Sweden in a tank regiment – he was too young to fight during WW2.Paula (PEP)

  3. Gorgeous! And I can definitely relate to the swirling as there is a cross country move imminent, which DH departing on Saturday. We too have been watching M*A*S*H to wind down our brains before bed. I remember hating have to watch it when I was a kid, but I'm enjoying it now as long as we don't binge on it.I hope you have a great trip. It sounds fun!

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