I am working on the ebook. Again. Drawing, designing, experimenting, making step-outs. This particular piece is an ATC that I made for the fall swap. (I just realized – again – that I was supposed to stick with three tangles. Oh well.) I was playing with crescent moon, which turned into that far right slice with the squiggle down the middle. I am thinking of variations I could use with that – and call it rollin’. That’s what I’m working on now.
The colors were the most fun part of this piece for me. I just took a wet, flat brush, swirled some watercolor on it, and swiped it back and forth across a slightly damp tile. I did this with about six different colors and let them blend together a bit. Once it was dry, I started my tangling. Someone in the United Kingdom is getting this ATC. Rollin’ out in the mail tomorrow!

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Rollin’

    • i'm trying to figure out how to put one together. working on art work for it now and will go from there. looking to put together 40-50 new tangles for it.

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