Pink Cognito



I really like this new pattern ziggy by Judy West! It’s nervy and lots of fun to draw.  I just really felt like drawing circles – so here it is – Pink Cognito. Totally done with microns – no, I did not use my watercolor pencils – hahaha! So it is possible to go without for one time. Patterns – wiggle worms, ziggy, portholes, chevron, and a variation of my own hached. You should ‘like’ Judy’s FB page – Judy’s CreativeDoodling – and have a look at her work!

5 thoughts on “Pink Cognito

  1. I like your design. I like doing cirlces also. Glad you enjoyded Ziggy. I have been without the internet since Monday. I am suffering from withdrawals. I think I am almost as addicted to the internet as I am to doodling.

    • haha! thanks, judy, i've actually used ziggy a couple times now – not all posted probably. it's fun and i really liked the little streaks of pink here. and i am miserable when i have no internet – it's time to head to the library when that happens – haha! glad you are back up and running! always look forward to seeing what you have posted new 🙂

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